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Bridges Runner

Speeding up...

Speeding up...

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Slowly but surely it seems I am getting faster.  Today marks my second anniversary NYRR race...and first anniversary as a 'Dog. Sadly it is no longer a 5K but I showed it justice today.  I PR'd for a 4 miler, which isn't very hard considering the last time I ran a 4 miler was last spring (30:20)!  Today proved that I really do not need a stopwatch at all.  I had gone out with the intention of running under 30 minutes for the first time officially during a race (which meant I wanted to run around a 7:30 pace).  So what do I do? 29:53....7:28 pace. 

Splits: 7:35, 7:29, 7:35, 7:12.

How did I feel?  Still didn't feel like I gave it everything but that's OK.  I PR'd significantly and I know I can run faster.  It's a good feeling and another number to put on the board.  Just have to be patient...the times will drop.

Funny stat: in 2004 I ran the 5K in 28:54 (hahaha!)...4 miler this year...(.8 longer)...in 29:53....

Special kudos go out to my speedy comrade, Sempre Libera! She ran a blistering 27:02....6:45 pace!

Here's to 2006...the year of the dog!
  • Wow! Great job! Someday I hope to run that fast!
  • Congrats! It's also great that you're showing that sort of speed at this time of year! (for me, winter = slow)
    • This is the year of speed for me....just like it's the year of the dog for the Chinese:-p
  • Good job!!

    I actually looked for you after the race, but I think you were probably already home and showered by the time I crossed the finish line!!

    Great job!
    • Re: Good job!!

      Thanks for the well wishes:) I was around for a while but over towards baggage with some of my teammates....must have just missed you!
  • awesome job!!

    i've been trying to do a 4-miler under 30 for awhile...came so damn close once!! (30:01)

    are you doing the snowflake 4m? first points race of the year!!
    • Yeah 30 was the magic number for me!

      Not sure on snowflake....want to do Coogans and Brooklyn in March for sure though!
  • (Anonymous)
    HOly smokes ! You and SL are already galloping in the new year -- I don't think my legs would move that fast any more. I'm focusing on steady endurance sans injury.

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