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Bridges Runner

Blizzard warning

Blizzard warning

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Well I suppose I can't say I didn't see this one coming! You knew winter was there waiting to strike...waiting for what? I don't know. Should be fun to hear the 40mph winds and 50-60mph wind gusts tonight...ahh winter. I'm ready though. I've got my ingredients for chicken chili and a batch of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Oh yes, it is not a true winter storm until you bake/cook...at least in my family:) I'm kind of excited...an excuse to bum around!

I got my 10 mile run in today since tomorrow looks like it may be ok in the afternoon but not 10 mile weather. I truly am a metronome....I wanted to do this run at a relatively easy pace since this is more of a "get the miles in" run than anything else.  Sempre Libera and pink monkey joined me for the run.  The first Central Park loop we did at a 8:48 pace....and it truly was that pace as I don't think we slowed/sped up.  We followed that up with the bridal path (2.5 mile variety) at 8:46min/mile and the reservoir to finish things up at 8:33min/mile (deceiving since its really flat and you tend to speed up without really knowing it).  All in all came out to 1:28:32 or an 8:46min/mile. 

Just put the chili on and what do I see outside? The snow has begun to fall! Bring it on!  8-12 inches....fun!  And what is it about watching the weather when the snow falls?  It's ridiculous...it's not like we haven't seen snow before:-p  My favorite portion is when they have the mandatory snow plow shot...ahh winter is here!

  • Yep! Storms have that effect:-D The chicken chili was a hit and so were the oatmeal raisin/choc chip cookies! I love it too because I have time to bake/cook...which is rare. And yep, the oven keeps things nice and toasty:)
    • yum! I had originally planned to cook up some cookies too but the bread recipe I tried used up an entire 5-lb bag of flour so not enough left for cookies. Ah well. I'm really pleased with the bread though. Glad you had a good day at home. I hear you guys got a ton of snow.
      • hehe only 26.9 inches...which actually isn't that bad when I was living in State College. However, in NYC...holy cow that's a lot of snow (considering we hit the record for Central Park snowfall)!!!

        Baking/cooking was so much fun though...glad the bread turned out well.
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