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Bridges Runner

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Running community

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Tonight is speed night.  It's Wednesday. That's just what Wednesday is and will continue to be:) I got to be the substitute coach for the night since our usual Coach Sponge was being held captive at work:0(  It was fun to hold a bit of power for the night....though not really:-p Definitely weird to break out shorts again after having a huge snowstorm just three days ago.  Anyway, during the warmup I think I passed nyflygirl and Derek.  I'm terrible at recognizing people in the light while running let alone in the dark!! 

The workout was Sempre Libera's favorite...the lamppost workout!  I definitely made sure to hold back with the relay coming up Saturday morning in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.  I get the feeling it may be a repeat of last year where you can't feel your butt for the first mile and run way faster than you should:-p After the workout, snowball fight:-p I got hit on the forehead and apparently the aim was supposed to be at my butt?  How one can miss that poorly?  So yeah, getting hit in the forehead with an ice ball (not snowball) stings...hopefully no shiner to come:-p  It was a good time though as I got my revenge...

That's all for now....this speedy beagle needs her rest.  And how about the Whippet that has gone missing?  That was my team name last year for the Cherry Tree race...
  • yep...that was me in the flyer shirt running with 2 other gals.
    Wednesday nites are our group run + beer nite :-D

    I usually do a half-mile around the rez to get to engineer's gate (where our group run meets)...and yes, it was weird to be wearing shorts while the rez was still covered with snow. needless to say, my legs got quite a bit splashed, and i'm glad i'm not breaking in new shoes this week :)
    • Flygirl, do you have your group runs and beer nights simultaneously? Like instead of carrying water bottles while you run, do you carry cans of Budweiser? ;)

      Uptown, re: that profile picture. I think the question has been asked before but I'll reiterate it - did you rob a bank or something???
      • ha! we save our partaking for afterwards!

        though during the '04-'05 midnight run, my friend and i filled our water bottles with rum and coke (which from then on was called "midnight rum") and carried those bottles with us :)
  • (Anonymous)
    I happen to know that those are all $20's...

    Go Speedy Beagles!

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