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Bridges Runner



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Hmmph.  I haven't posted this week.  I've thought about it a couple times but just felt uninspired really. Oh well it happens.

So I've started to swim.  Yes, that thing where you go in a body of water and go back and forth.  The water form of running. Sort of?  Let me preface this with I can think of about a million things I'd rather do then swim.  It just is not something I enjoy at this time...a lot due to not being good at it.  Monday I went with my friend SH to swim...since I knew she was a newbie too.  I did 540 yards off of zero practice which left me with the confidence I needed to know...I could complete a quarter mile swim.  Another sign that the triathlon is in my future...  I swam again on Thursday evening for 25 minutes and lived to tell the tale! Yay!  And then again today with Sempre Libera and pink monkey after a 5.25 mile run in the AM.  Triathlon here I come! Although perhaps Olympics...because according to a random passerby we looked like "3 Olympians." ha!  So maybe we are the three M&M Olympians (see Sempre Libera's post)

So let's see this week....the plaza caught fire, there's talk of a cookie olympics, and Bode Miller is still DQ'ing!
  • Bode Miller talked too much smack, I think. Talking smack if fine, if you back it up with results. I do kinda bad, though...I thought he would at least get *something*!

    Personally, I know I would much rather do a triathlon than a longer race such as a marathon. I like the idea of the variety of sports. Maybe someday! I would need a bike! :)
    • Yeah Bode Miller talked the smack and didn't deliver. It makes it worse in my opinion t hat he is now trying to say he tried hard and that he just didn't win. Hogwash. I don't feel bad.....having talent is part of being an athlete IMO...being able to train hard/do the work is the other part. The Olympics provides an even playing field so to speak where everyone has talent but those that provide the fire and desire to win...well...

      As per the tri, it was just time for something to new. I've done a marathon t he past two years and I need a change in training. I also needed something to distract me from running long all the time...I want to get speedier:)
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