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Bridges Runner



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Hmmph.  I haven't posted this week.  I've thought about it a couple times but just felt uninspired really. Oh well it happens.

So I've started to swim.  Yes, that thing where you go in a body of water and go back and forth.  The water form of running. Sort of?  Let me preface this with I can think of about a million things I'd rather do then swim.  It just is not something I enjoy at this time...a lot due to not being good at it.  Monday I went with my friend SH to swim...since I knew she was a newbie too.  I did 540 yards off of zero practice which left me with the confidence I needed to know...I could complete a quarter mile swim.  Another sign that the triathlon is in my future...  I swam again on Thursday evening for 25 minutes and lived to tell the tale! Yay!  And then again today with Sempre Libera and pink monkey after a 5.25 mile run in the AM.  Triathlon here I come! Although perhaps Olympics...because according to a random passerby we looked like "3 Olympians." ha!  So maybe we are the three M&M Olympians (see Sempre Libera's post)

So let's see this week....the plaza caught fire, there's talk of a cookie olympics, and Bode Miller is still DQ'ing!
  • Excellent and safe area. Not as pricey as Park Slope because it's further away from Manhattan, but the R train is right there. It's also known for its many restaurants and bars and 86th Street has recently become a bit of a strip mall.
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