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Bridges Runner

March comes in like a lion...

March comes in like a lion...

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New York City
It's days like this that you wish you could just stay tucked in under the covers. But here I sit watching the snow fall on the stairs of the library across the street.

Last night's speed workout was a "kick your ass" type of workout. My legs were absolutely 'dog' tired (so sorry for the pun..NOT!). Anyway, those western hills in Central Park are so deceiving. We did repeats of the 77th-85th street hill (1/2 mile)....one way is all up and the other way FLYING down. I changed my ways from pacemaster last night and ran like a certain someone chasing a dozen cookies;) Guess my group can't be too dependent on me...this is the year of speed! It felt good to work that hard...it's been a long time since I felt that wiped. It was mighty fun to run sub 6:30 pace (even if it was downhill)... Now it's time to rest up a bit for the 5K this weekend...

So it looks like the Dolans are getting their new MSG. Not that I'm surprised.

And the latest lie from the Bush front, what else is new? He's caught in a flat out lie and no one seems to care? This time in reference to the horrible natural disaster in the summer, Hurricane Katrina. He claimed he didn't know about what could happen...too bad there's a video showing him being briefed about the dire circumstances that would occur should the hurricane strike New Orleans. As I discussed this with a coworker, he just can't understand how people support him (this guy is not a US citizen). I don't know but we came up with the idea of people still hang on the "morals" issue (which is still ridiculous). This is pretty ironic considering he's "lying" straight in the face of the American public...

And 24 rocks this season....2 hours next week:-D

Oh well I'm tired and it's snowing....
  • Oh my goodness, it is snowing there? It is almost 50 degrees and sunny in DC!

    I think the people who are outraged at Bush are the same ones who've been outraged all along, and that's why it seems like nobody cares. What I don't get is why the media isn't plastering this everywhere, so even Joe-Bob farmer in the middle of all the red states gets the message. Bush didn't just lie, he lied *again*.

    Seems a bit inconsistent when one president is impeached for lying about a blowjob, while another's lies causes citizens their lives, and nothing is done. *sigh*

    I've missed the last two weeks of 24, and I fear there is no catching up at this point.
  • Newsweek made a nice little article about this whole matter and from what i read it comes down to one thing: The people in the heartland that support bush still, including the majority of the christian conservative coalition, all value actions far more than talk.

    The article went on about how the kind of people who support the president are also the same type that dont listen to the talk and babble of the media or DC. I find it very confusing to think this administration has yet to adapt to DC politics, but if this article does ring any bells, its to give a good explanation as to why Bush and his cronies just can't seem to feel comfortable with the media. They've reclassified countless peices of information, they refuse to explain anything to the media well beyond security details, and as Bush has said in every instance I can imagine, "America doesnt need to worry." It's almost as if he's trying to pacify a child who won't understand, whereas the American public really ought to be freaking out about this nimrod.

    And yes, I'm sick of my republican friends whining about getting a BJ in the white house in comparison to this too!
    • Interesting point...but if they are ok with his actions, well then...I still don't get it!
    • Another thing to add....they have gotten very good at the deflection technique. Anytime focus starts on something, they move to another topic. There's absolutely no FOCUS!
  • Hasn't this been what Bush has done since day 1? Didn't he say he didn't want to deal with nation building?? And what are we doing...umm yeah (notice I didn't say how the 'nation building' is going). A lot of the platform also is that the 'morals and ethics' are of what people want to believe in (ie abortion)...not necessarily all morals and ethics (see oil).
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