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Romping around Philly

Well as promised, I have an entry regarding my weekend at home. So Thursday I came home from work anticipating Amy's arrival. The weather naturally was awful...always seems to rain when I have long drives. Pouring rain....which made me nervous because I knew it would flood by me...always does when it rains this hard. So finally Amy arrives around 4....she brings up her stuff and then I tell her it's time to hit the road again since the weather did not look so nice. The entire radar was covered with a nasty shade of green and red and yellow:P So the first half of the trip wasn't so bad...a bit of rain but overall 322 was no problem. Then the turnpike came...oye vey. Amy summed it up best: "bathtubs of water being thrown from the sky." I had driven through patches of weather like this before but not the entire turnpike! It really was not fun...very exhausting! Finally 4 hours later (entire trip total), I was home...after going through some puddles and praying I wouldn't get stuck in any of the flooded areas.

After a good sleep, it was time for the Y100 FEZtival (yes they had fez's)! First, before I even get there I had problems. I had taken a swig of my water (we're allowed one bottle) with lunch, which I thought nothing of. However, as they looked in my purse and stuff....the lady told me I'm not allowed to bring it in. I claimed that it said we were allowed to bring one bottle but she bitched about it being open. What's ridiculous is I saw at least three other people right by me carry open bottles of water. If she was so concerned about alcohol, maybe she should have worried about every other kid there that was drunk off their ass and not legally.. I guess water is illegal, not being underage. Our seats were pretty good...centered....and in the pavillion portion of the Tweeter Center. We got there and saw Unwritten Law...they were pretty cool. I'd recommend Up All Night...pretty good song:) Next we explored where all the different stages were since Pete Yorn was on the main stage (aka yuck). The next band we saw was Goldfinger on the xbox side stage. Talk about an experience! It was so packed....and we were in the middle of the crowd. One thing to keep in mind is that they play punk/ska. So right when they started up, right where we were a pit opened so people could mosh. Naturally, it was right where I was...so I was doing OK holding my own against the crowd. Eventually another pit opened behind us so I got pushed by a lot of people and fell into the pit...thankfully my hands broke the fall! I had two or three people fall on top of me...but all through it I was a good sport....just laughed. I figured it had to look funny from the outside. After taking the fall, quite a few people helped me up...Tim was freaking out worrying about me...but I reassured him that I was fine. Also, the idiot member of that band was wearing a Lakers jersey...and well...as you know we're n ot big fans of LA. So towards the end of Goldfinger, Tim and I headed back to the main stage since Jimmy Eat World was going to perform. I had seen them at Movin' On but I was wondering about what it'd sound like on the main stage. Carrie had gone back a little earlier and Amy was somewhere in the Goldfinger crowd. Jimmy Eat World was fun...they had a much better sound here...probably had to do with the sound equipment. There was one song they played that I really liked but I don't know the name of it...part of it goes "cross the United States..."...so I dunno. Next we ran to get some foodage, foodery, foodification before Incubus! 7 bucks for chicken fingers with fries...ugh...at least I didn't bother with the 4 dollar water...just used cherries that Tim had smuggled in as my drink. We got back to our seats during Papa Roach. They were ok but I'm not a big fan. Next was Incubus and they were AWESOME!!!! The lgiht show with them was great...went along with the show very well. They played a good mix of songs...a few from Morning View (latest album) and then of course they're well known stuff from past albums. I wish they would have been the closer for the show! After they were done, System of a Down was next...ugh. I am really not a fan. Nothing personal...I just don't like them. As Amy said, the singer sounds like a "squirrel in a blender." It is not a pleasant sound. One of their songs was "I like drugs, everyone does drugs." This was along to a really annoying light show. We all looked at eachother and decided it was time to leave....

Saturday was run around philly day. We parked by Penns Landing...at a parking lot...and naturally the price was hiked up (due to it being a weekend). Amy had never been to South Street so we ran around south street for a while and I introduced her to Rita's Water Ice with a Gelati. One significant story from that day sticks out...we were checking out some resturants my mom suggested for dinner. We found what looked like a decent Italian resturant so we sat outside on the bunch waiting for my parents. We had been walking around all day so we were pretty beat. There was no one around so we didn't think there was a problem. However, these two ladies came out...probably employees....to smoke. So they sat on the step since we were on the bench...not sure what the problem was. Next thing I know, another woman comes out and goes "You shouldn't be sitting on the step.,..tell those girls to move." I hate when people talk like you're not there....idiots. Then, she got what I guess would be the owner/cook of the resturant....and he tapped amy's shoulder pretty hard....and told her "Lady, you have to move!". At that point Amy and I rapidly get up and walk away....hey they're the ones losing business. If they need a bench that bad, then fine we'll take our dinner elsewhere. While there, we did not see one person enter the resturant. I wish I would have said something but at the same time....enough was said with us leaving. We ended up going into Center City to this pizza place called Mama Palma. It's wood fired gourmet pizza. Really yummy:)

Sunday we drove back. Definitely a faster trip:) Went to Greenbowl with Emily for dinner. After we came back here and she invited Ben over. So that was cool. He's Lis and Amy approved.

Today I just worked and wient to lunch with amy and michelle...nothing terribly exciting.,...

Well it's time to sleep....getting up early takes its toll:P

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