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Bridges Runner

My race from hell

My race from hell

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It just wasn't my day today. We all have those races. I guess it was my turn. I'm very disappointed with my resulting time (23:12), which is good in some respects as I have become more in tune with what I am capable of...but also shows you can't be greedy. Good times don't grow on trees and when the effort isn't there, it shows. Hopefully it's what I needed to get back on track...as I know I'm way faster than my time indicates for this 5k.

So what happened? I started out and it was just a clusterf**k of people (not that it is any different) but for a 5K it's a problem because there's no time to sort things out. Within the first 400 yards I was done in as I got boxed in by a group of runners and very nearly tripped as there was absoltuely no where to go. My concentration was gone at that point...and my decision was made that this wasn't going to be the race that was going to be a winner. Since it was a there and back course I was able to see teammates at the turnaround. I gave shoutouts to them (El Presidente, Sempre Libera, AB). I figure if my race sucks at least I can hope my teammates do better. One of the aspects of being on a team I absolutely love. However, I did turn on the jets for the last 1.1 with a sub 7 pace (gives you an idea how much the first part of the course SUCKED for me). So not all was lost. Still very disappointing and I know I can do MUCH MUCH better.

However, I was a source of motivation for Sempre Libera. I had promised her a "prize" for sub 7 pace for a 5k (ha not much of a challenge anymore for her but originally I had stated to beat her PR for a 5k which was slow as molasses for her at this point). She notified me at brunch later that the first mile was barely under 7 and when she started to wonder if the effort to run well was there...she used my motivation to run like the wind...I'd say a 6:20 pace for the last 1.1 served that! The prize? A cookie....:-p I'm a bit worried as I may have set a bad precedent with bribing to run well....;-)

don't I looked pissed about my race??It's time to put this behind me and concentrate on what's in the weeks ahead. The Brooklyn Half is March 18th and I am looking to break (check that: SMASH) my PR for the half and then in 9 weeks the Broad Street Run which is what I have circled and red marked. There will be days like today as I'm sure it won't be the last...it just doesn't make it any easier to accept. I don't like to under perform and that's what I felt like happened today.

To those that said I didn't have the pit bull mentality....check with me in the coming weeks...it's on!
  • Eh, sorry the run didn't go how you planned. I do the Komen Race for the Cure 5k here in DC, and the amount of people is just absolutely ridiculous! It is more like half wrestling, half running.

    How long is the Broad Street Run?
    • Broad Street is a 10 mile run...my current 10 mile PR actually.

      And as I say sometimes races like this are good....and it shows that concentration is so key in running.
  • (Anonymous)
    You rock no matter what.

    Oh and I only wish I could run 1.1 in 6:20 -- that was my pace for the final mile. The last 0.1 took me 37sec, which is a 6:10 pace... not that anyone's keeping track ;-)

    -Sempre Libera
  • Hey...I know exactly how you feel...I've been there (like, as recently as a week ago ;) ) But I say you've got the right attitude to put it behind you and just keep your eyes on the big prize (Brooklyn)...hope you have a great race there. (I'll be there taking it as a training run just to support the team for the points race. and for an excuse to do a long run outside of Central Park.)
  • BSR 2006

    I'm looking forward to the broad street run too.

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