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Back in business

Amazing how a few good days can erase the 23 minutes from Sunday:-D I'm now just a week and a half away from the Brooklyn Half...the race I've been pointing towards as the beginning of my season since last marathon season. The past two nights I've worn my new shoes, the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 5s.  Two good runs and I'm getting that giddy feeling for Brooklyn again!  We actually saw the stars in the sky last night running in Central Park.  I swear...I'm not kidding!

Anyway, tonight's speed workout I used completely to get the big bad pacemaster machine back in business (it's been out of commission for a while!).  It was wonderful to just run and not even think about looking at a watch.  I could tell after the first pickup that if I was to run the pickups and recoveries without slowing much, then I couldn't run the pickups that fast!  Turns out BAP timed us at 7:30 for the first mile which was a bit faster than I wanted to be doing this workout.  Pink Monkey and I continued the workout by slowing a bit to maintain no slower than 8s (recovery phase) but no faster than 7:45ish (pickups). I obviously didn't have a watch but I could feel the pace....and hit that stride again. Considering I've got that magic 8 in my brain, I want to work from there. I already know this race will be way better...as I'm going into it with a plan.  When I race with a plan, I succeed.  

I think I need to base more runs like this...watches are good but sometimes I feel like we get too consumed by time.  Sometimes it makes me forget how much I enjoy just to run...and honestly that's what it's all about for me.   
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