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Pass the Motrin please

This weekend marked the first preview of spring.  This meant a return to wanting to live in Central Park and doing everything possible to enjoy every second of sinking in that vitamin D (ie the sun).  Boy did I do that and then some!

Friday I ran at the enlightening hour of 6am with AB....what a 180 from the previous Friday's ice skating/run episode!  I wore shorts...oh how I missed doing that! Running in this wonderful weather made me even less inclined to want to go to work....sigh. However, during lunch I was able to sneak out for a nice long walk to enjoy the rays...and SEVENTY TWO degree weather:-D  I proceeded to walk home from work along the East River watching as the sun continued its decent for the evening.  The day ended with a group of us finally making it over to Wollman Rink for ice skating!  We had been planning this for about 3 or 4 months now???  It's so much fun to ice skate...as I used to when I was like 8...actually do the whole ice skating recital thing.  It even could be said that it was the start of my early morning workouts.....

Saturday meant the group run!  I actually made it out to the run and did the full loop for the first time in quite a while (I had been doing the lower 5, bridle path, etc).  It was nice as the weather was sunny and in the 50s for the run...oh how i love these days!  I had made the executive decision that the bike must come out of hibernation and enjoy the park as well:)  So after the run I headed home to take the cobwebs off (kidding! kidding!) and headed back to my second home with Sempre Libera.  She chose the rollerblading option. I ended up doing 3 full loops of the park and managed not to crash into anyone.  Although the bottom of the park was so crowded I kind of wonder how I managed to not crash.  So one would think after a double workout...it's time to just crash for the rest of the day and do things not involving the legs. WRONG!

Later that evening after hard core nappage, I headed back out and into the wonders of NYC.  I ended up dancing the night away and getting in around 4am.  So to those that say I always fall asleep...I was out til 4! Ha!  I definitely popped the motrin when I got home because I *knew* my legs were going to throw a hissyfit in the morning. 

The plan was an 8 mile run today to get one last hurrah in before Brooklyn!  So around 3, SL and Pink Monkey joined me for 8 mile torture...I mean training run.  The first four miles my legs were definitely upset that they weren't resting....and I think it was the hardest 8:38 pace I've run in quite a while!  Fortunately, the second half of the run my legs weren't quite as cranky and put up a respectable fight.  This run also gave me 33.4 miles for the week...woohoo!  This week I definitely plan to take it easy so my legs are prepared to rock Brooklyn...and here's hoping the weather forecast changes (high of 30...eek!).

All in all - a fun weekend.  It's so awesome to have a group of friends that enjoys being as active as I do....although perhaps it would be nice to slow down a bit? NAH!!!!!!!!!!

Please excuse me as I dive into the motrin;)
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