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Bridges Runner

Taper 'R Us

Taper 'R Us

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So perfect timing for tapering with March Madness about to take hold of my life! GO 'NOVA!  The best 3 weeks in sports is about to begin.....who knew a group of 18-22 year olds could hold millions upon millions captive to brackets?  Which reminds me...have you filled out yours?  Time is running short....I've completed mine for work and an online fun one....perhaps I'll share my bracket once the games start...no cheating to be found here!

Tonight was my last run pre-Brooklyn!  Tomorrow evening I have a TRD dinner and Friday a friend is having her bday dinner at an Italian place on the UWS;-)  To be honest my last "real" run was last night where I'd say the last half mile or so was put up at sub 8 pace....I'm so ready....now to make sure the weather cooperates...
  • We tried to do brackets and a pool at school once, and the principal shut us down for gambling! *rolling eyes*
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