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Bridges Runner



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New York City
Well it's 4PM....I'm so pumped for Brooklyn tomorrow! Today was worthless at work as I could barely concentrate. Between the half marathon tomorrow, March Madness and a potluck at lunch.....forget it. And then a mini-crisis of getting to the race (all ressolved now)...ha! So we're at pre-game...it's almost game time. Woohoo! In other news, they are shooting a movie on the UES called Empty City with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. Trader Joes opened today in Union Square!!! And March Madness is in full swing...my dad already lost one of his final four picks...haha. He picked Iowa. He's good at having a final four pick out in the first round. We call it the "Stanford curse." He had Stanford to win the whole thing and yeah you guessed it...lost in the first round (mid 90s i believe). So here goes nothing...Brooklyn here I come!
  • doing work has been futile the last 2 days-everyone's got the madness :) one of my colleagues was so relieved yesterday when boston college snagged a win in double overtime that she bought gelato for everyone (mmm...cappucino flavored gelato)-she was relieved since she had them winning the whole thing.

    good luck tomorrow morning-kick some a$$!
  • Good luck, you'll be great!

    And goooooo Mountaineers!
  • There wasn't a Trader Joes in NYC before now? Wow...well enjoy the bounty! Hope you have a good race!
    • Nope, sadly no trader joes:( I knew about TJs from before because they have it near my parents....so happy it's a fixture in NYC now!

      Thanks for the well wishes for the race....:)
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