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Bridges Runner

Verizon fun

Verizon fun

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When will companies learn that I am the WRONG person to try and pull a fast one on???  I am the one to scrutinize a bill and be sure that all the charges are indeed correct...because yes there will be that one time it is wrong.  This time it was Verizon Wireless trying to do the little dance of money.

I get my online bill via text message expecting to see the usual amount of around 45-50 bucks.  Imagine my surprise to see over EIGHTY DOLLARS!!  I've never had a bill over 55-60 let alone EIGHTY!  So I call customer service to find out why it's so screwy....and guess what?  Turns out they tacked a data service charge of 13.93 for this month and another 15.00 for next month and a 1.99 charge for something I never had (a few dollars were due to the partial month since I changed plans).  Awesome.  I was able to get the 13.93 taken off but I still have to pay the 16.99 for the other stuff or face a $5 late charge. Wtf?  Thankfully I'm not that bad off and can afford it...but geez.  In the days of computers, they can't take this off?  Who wants to take a bet that next month I'll still have these "charges?" 

And yet another reason companies hate me....  I fill out rebates.  I am a rebate machine.  I did call out Verizon on that one as I've already received a $50 rebate for my phone:-)  This is on top of the rebates for my tax program and filing my taxes online. 

Not that any of you should be shocked that I actually enjoy figuring out the math and making sure it all adds up correctly;-)

One final thing: A friend of mine told me about "opposite day."  Am I the only one that never did that when little?  Warning that link may make your head spin or start trying to figure out Venn Diagrams (or not;-)).

OK, me and my scatter brain are heading away for a while.
  • They're crooks!

    When I first moved to NY and got a phone, the first month they put on this random $25 charge. I called them up and finally got through to someone who said it was a voice mail service that I had ordered. (Sure, I'd pay $25 a month for voice mail, instead of using my $10 answering machine!) I told them I didn't order it, and they immediately took it off. Just to be sure, I checked with my then roommate, and he didn't order it either.

    Next month, there were 2 separate $25 charges!! When I called to complain, they once again took it off immediately - no questions asked. It was obvious that it was a total scam, and that most people never caught it. The people who did just had it removed before they could make a fuss.

    I blocked any 900 service since then, and I've been okay. When I moved apartments they tried to trick me again by adding new services that I didn't have before. (It's not enough that they charge $80 for a few keyboard clicks of transferring my line from one apt to another!)

    Anyway, sorry to go off on a rant, but I've hated them forever. Too bad there's no competetion. (Though I avoid their cellphones...)
  • Re: They're crooks!

    It's unreal what they do. At least yours was taken off immediately! I'm annoyed that they get my money this month (even though I get it back next month).
  • Re: They're crooks!

    "Too bad there's no competetion."
    Now that sounds familiar. While they've never pulled a fast one on me with regards to charges, their installation leaves something to be desired.

    A friend of mine who moved apartments a few years back had a horrible time getting his service installed-I think they didn't get him hooked up until 2-3 weeks after he moved in-he wound up maxxing out and going over his cell minutes that month. and by the time that was all over, he was wishing that there was some alternative to Verizon. When I first moved to Manhattan, it took 3 attempts to get our local phone service fully hooked up. Thank god when I moved, switching my service went smoothly (though I could have done without those loverly charges to move the service, but what can you do.)
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