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Bridges Runner



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That's 5 out of the next 9 weekends I will be spending in Pennsylvania.  The next two months bring the land of wedding to my family as my brother is getting married Memorial Day weekend.  Incredible...seems like just yesterday it was a distant thought.  Not so much anymore I guess.  Anyway, this weekend I am heading out of town for the bridal shower....instead of being down in DC running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler,  Originally I had planned it with Sempre Libera but that went to the fire as soon as this came up....somehow my duties as bridesmaid overshadowed a race in DC. Go figure.

Tomorrow I will get to head to Tyler State Park for a run with my dad.  It's a great place to run...and believe me when I train for Boston I will be utilizing this park A LOT.  The hills are killer.....The shower is on Sunday which means I lose an hour of sleep....and have to be in South Jersey by 10am (really 9am). 

Anyway time to head to Penn Station and head to the land of wedding...more exciting stuff at some point. Just not now.
  • Hmm probably not...I've been told that I am not allowed to do anymore long distance races until October:)

    Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms...I'm sure they are going crazy now since it's 75 out!!! Soooo jealous!

    I'm sure I'll be in DC again though....it's like my second city.
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