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Bridges Runner

One done

One done

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So I survived my first weekend in Pennsylvania.  Let me tell you it wasn't easy!  In a nutshell, it was like being a bouncy ball all weekend.  First, I slept in 3 different places in the 3 nights I was there....including sleeping on a sofa bed!?!  This was followed by being forced to find another place to stay Saturday night because there was no room for me in my parents house!!!!  haha!  Fortunately I got to stay with my future sister in law which meant I was 5 minutes from the place hosting the shower instead of 50mins-1hr!  So there was one plus:)  The clincher was the realization from my mom that she had no room for me to go back from the shower! Good to see where I stand, no?;-)  One can see why I was very excited to get the heck out of dodge!

I was able to get a 7.3 mile run in with my dad Friday morning on the trails of Tyler State Park.  It was a nice run....felt pretty tired from the long day on Thursday but running sub 9's on that course is no joke. My dad also took me the opposite way we usually go which meant the hillier way...if that is possible.  He also hinted at what's to come soon as part of a "longer run." Apparently, there is a covered bridge to run to in the park which involves a MASSIVE hill which you down to get to the bridge...which means only one thing.  What you go down, you must come back up!

Anyway, I had never attended a bridal shower...so I suppose why not be a party of the bridal party for my first one.  Again here it is in a nutshell. 3 hours. Opening presents from the bride to be to hold up and show people what she got off her registry.  Man I'm so cynical. Ugh.  Add to it since I had to help out with the gift stuff my food was cold by the time I got to eat...yeah.  I really did a good job of putting on the smile but by the end I was going to go crazy...3 days of nonstop family...makes one a bit nuts.  Especially when it is 95% wedding.   Help me!

So finally I was able to get to the train and naturally just missed the train...so the next one wasn't coming for another hour!  Fortunately I was able to catch up with some people on the phone and it passed relatively quickly.  However, once back in the city it took me forever and a day to get home since there was some sort of parade on 5th avenue.  Great.  That's when I made the decision to get home and drop my stuff...and go for a run!  I meant to just do a short run but the weather made me do differently.  I meant to just do the bridle path to the fence run which is about 5.25 miles....and at an easy (below training) pace.  Well that turned into an 8:23 pace followed by a reservoir loop at 7:56 pace...oops.  And the reservoir was my "cooldown."  Guess I had some pent up energy, no?  It didn't feel hard either and I also ran to and from the apartment which is another couple miles. I utilized my "running mix" I had made using Mixmeister.

It contains the following tracks (135-140BPM):
1) Altitude - Altitude (Shokk Remix)
2) Binary Finary - 1998
3) Kosmonova - Discover the world
4) Ron Van Den Beuken - Keep on Movin'
5) Delerium feat Jael - After All (Passengerz Revelation)
6) Aurora - Hear you Calling
7) CRW Featuring Veronika - After the Rain
8) Thrillseekers - Fly Away
9) Voodoo and Serano - Give me the Power
10) Sunscreem vs Push - Please Save me (vocal mix)
11) BT - Dreaming (Tiesto mix)
12) Jurgen Vries feat Shena - Wilderness
13) Chakra - Doors (Original Mix)
14) Three Drives - Greece 2000
15) DJ Tiesto - Traffic
16) Libra Presents Taylor - Anamoly...Calling your name
17 ) ATB - Let U Go

I definitely need to use this program again to make more mixes. I am able to create fluent transitions from song to song which makes it easier to "keep the pace." This particular mix is approximately an hour and twenty minutes. I'm a big fan of trance/techno to run to as I don't get lost in lyrics. If anyone is interested, I can upload it. 

So one weekend down. 4 more to go.....
  • glad you lived to tell the tale...man, why does family stuff have to be so dramatic sometimes :)

    (btw-was the "bridle" mispelling intentional-like your mind was more on running... ;-) i know those who unintentionally mispell "bridal path" as well :) )

    hey-how hard is that mixmeister program to use (the free version, i guess) i'm tempted to give it a test drive on some of my mp3s...
    • Oh wow....good catch:-P It was completely an accident but funny that I spelled it that way considering most people botch the way to spell "bridle" path for running:)

      As for Mixmeister, it's a bit tricky at first but if you have some time to play around with it then it's pretty cool:) It took me some time to put my mix together because you have to look at the key and BPM....but maybe that's just me and my music background talking;-)
  • Running Mix

    Hello Uptown Girl - You mentioned possibly uploading your running mix - I would love to have a copy - I hate running without music, and I am always looking for new tunes.

    Mary from Seattle
    • Re: Running Mix

      Sure, shoot me an email and I'll let you know where to find it:) Email is on my profile page.
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