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Bridges Runner

I did it for the curls!

I did it for the curls!

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So today marked the return of the short race...as many of you know,not my favorite type of race of the bunch!  However, today I went in with a plan and was determined to erase last month's horrendous 5k.  Boy did I do that and then some;-)

Since I'm a runner that thrives on getting the legs going, I jogged to the park from my apartment which is about 2 miles.  It was pretty darn chilly as it was in the Left></a>upper 30s to start the day.  However, I decided to go with shorts since it was such a short race and I figured 7:20 miles would warm the muscles up!  First off, I like the start of the race being at East 68th street.  For one, it's a little downhill before heading up Cat Hill and second, you don't have to make a quick turn with a huge bottleneck of people!  So the start of the race, I just start going....trying to put a little more effort into it than usual so that I don't fall behind right away.  Many times it has been the first mile that has killed my race for a short race.  Anyway, it was so crowded for that first mile but I tried to stick to the inner lanes as to avoid wasting as much energy as possible passing people. As I approached 84th street, Sempre Libera, pink monkey and roadbunner were giving me the star treatment via pom poms!  However, this should have been my first cue that I was ON today...as I was completely zoned out from them.  Sorry guys for not acknowledging but I was busy making sure not to crash into anyone;-)

Finally, I approach mile 1 (according to NYRR) but realize something is off!  There is no way in heck I ran an 8:10-8:15 min/mile!  Not with the effort I gave.  However, instead of getting frustrated and throwing in the towel, I kept running hard.  As I approached the transverse, I realized I was in line with one of theRight></a> Harriers that generally runs faster than I do.  However, he was conversing saying that he was running 7:30s because he is doing Boston next week.  At this point, I still had absolutely no idea what I was running!  I just kind of went with the flow and how my body responded.  I still felt OK so I decided to run a little harder.  In the West 90s I passed by El Presidente and I believe he got a photo of me.  I approached West 84th and saw the pom pom brigade once more.  At this point I had passed "mile 3" and realized that it wasn't a matter of IF I was going to PR, but by HOW much!  I gave a bit of a smirk smile to the girls at this point so they knew I acknowledged but I was ready to bring home a new PR. 

As I rounded the corner at W 72nd onto the transverse I saw the finish line and still had no idea about what I was about to achieve.  You see I totally miscalculated the time thinking I was only PR'ing by a couple seconds.  I crossed the finish line and stopped my watch at 28:50 (however, according to a source though my time says 28:49, I actually ran 28:48 since they round up!).  However, in the heat of the moment, I thought I had PR'd by 3 seconds before realizing....no I had PR'd by 1:03 (last 4 mile PR set back in Feb)!!!!!!  I had run a 7:12 pace without even having a clue.  Honestly, it didn't feel that tough and I still had juice in the tank.

After the race, I ran into nyflygirl at the baggage area.  It's fun to start recognizing people at the races!  Unfortunately I didn't see Danny, Shore Turtle or Phil but it appears they were there too:)  Congrats everyone!

My splits...as screwed up as they may be: miles 1/2: 15:23 (mile 1 was like 8:15?!)/mile 3: 7:22/mile 4: 6:04.  I wish I knew my splits because this race kicked ass!  So why the curls? I went to Devachan yesterday and got my haircut for the first time since October?!  And can I say, I was smiling ear to ear when I left:-)  I joked with my friends last night that today's race is dedicated to the curls...hmm maybe it was the curls;-)

I feel like I'm finally starting to see the speed show up on race day...and all that hard work/training paying off.  It's so nice to know that I will not need to stop speeding up in order to train for a marathon this year.  Quite the contrary.  As now I have my eyes set on a new goal....sub 7 minute miles baby.  It's coming soon to a race near you....;-)

  • congrats

    nice job on the PR!
    -derek r.
  • Congrats on a great run! The misplaced mile markers really screwed me up. Good for you for just doing your thing, and kicking butt in the process.

    (BYTW, the shorts were probably comfortable at the end, but I don't know how you got out of the house with them. It was freaking cold before the race!)
    • hehe it was a bit chilly:) I did bring pants in my baggage though so that was very useful at the end!
  • Great job! I need to get my butt in gear here, so I can post my own PR 5k in May.

    I also need to do something about my curls. I love 'em, but they are getting quite unruly!
  • congrats on your PR-good to see you after the race!! great that you didn't let a little human error like a misplaced mile marker psych you out :)

    also, that was nice to see your teammates cheering "go flyers!"...no matter the team color, we're all in this together! :)
    • Exactly! That's why this sport is so great....we're all in it together.

      Now I'm looking forward to the joint happy hour at the end of the month!!! It's just about set:)
  • bringing down the hammer

    That's a helluva PR there...more than a minute on four miles?? Awesome job.
  • oops...

    That was from me :) - Chelle
  • (Anonymous)
    Congratulations! Ooh...I think someone spilled the beans about last Thursday...Roadbunner
  • Congrats

    Great PR for 4 Miles. I'm still finding my feet at blogging and checking out other interesting Blogs. Know NY well and dipping into many journals about the city, so hope you don't mind.

    Reading your journal it sure looks like you have some great times ahead, with sub 7 mile averages from 5K, and an excellent marathon in view.

    Liam at www.irishrunaholic.blogspot.com
  • (Anonymous)
    wow -- you girls are really kicking butt !! I must get my ass in gear ; I would love to run sub7s with you all. That would be a great goal for all of us to have.

    Swimming is going great !
    • Well one of us is already a sub 7 groupie....I'm working my way towards that:) I have zero problem with having more of us there:-D
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