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Umbrella etiquette 101

So now that April is in full swing...and we are supposed to have tons of rain...the umbrellas are out in full force.  Now, fine you need an umbrella to stay dry to get from point A to point B.  I have no problem with this as I attempt the same thing.  People just have no concept on how to handle an umbrella...it's almost like you need to have a license to own one!

However, is it truly necessary to have an umbrella the size of Texas?  It takes up the entire sidewalk and you're left to dodge them because we all know very well that they will not move.  Midtown seems to be the worst.  I dread rainy mornings on my way to work because they come out of the woodworks.  These are golf umbrellas people...save it for the golf course!

My second beef lies with "the bump."  Rather than trying to avoid knocking into others, many people just bump right into you.  There is no courtesy whatsoever to avoid contact.  In Japan, this is an absolute no-no as this site explains.  The biggest offenders are by those that own the umbrella shown to the right...as apparently it gives you the right of passage on the sidewalk.  I, myself, own a small umbrella and cannot tell you how many times I've had to remove it from over my head so that Mr. big time could get through. *sigh*

Next, when there is an overhang do what you can to allow others to share the dry space while waiting to cross the street. I know it takes a full 2 seconds to either move your umbrella or put it down...but trust me when I say it is most appreciated:)

The next problem is nothing to do with others, but mother nature herself.  Why on earth must my pant leg ALWAYS be wet? It does not matter what I do...whether or not I have an umbrella, but I end up being soaked up to the knee usually.  It's annoying and I cannot for the life of me figure out how I still manage to have this problem.  Any tips would be appreciated:)

Here's a tip: When there is a puddle near the sidewalk, stand back while traffic goes through.  Trust me, that is when Murphy's law takes effect and the gigantic Midtown Express bus goes by and will splash that puddle.  If I had a penny for the amount of times I heard someone go *&%($ as they got completely drenched by the nasty puddle on Madison.

Finally, for the love of dryness, DO NOT put your wet umbrella on the subway seat!  This is not your car and you wouldn't do this if it was your car!  This can be said for all public places.  If there is a place to leave your umbrella at the door, do it.  I, nor anyone else, wants to have another "shower" while pertaking in whatever activity that it may be.

Please note that this should all be taken as funnies....but serious at the same time.  I hate rainy days as much as the next person...but it would be a lot more pleasant if people knew how to use their umbrellas!

Thank you for your time...now it's time for me to pull out my umbrella;-)

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