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Bridges Runner

To do list: NYC summer 2006

To do list: NYC summer 2006

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So this will mark Summer #4 in NYC for me...holy schnike! I had to stop myself when I was telling someone "oh I just moved here...". I'm becoming a veteran but I'll be damned...I will not become complacent...I shall continue to explore and realize the wonders of NYC...especially in the summertime.

Without further introduction, I give you my list of things I want to do this summer (this probably will expand as I'm sure I will forget/leave stuff off...so peanut gallery yes you can help out!). In no particular order other than stuff that comes out of my random head:

To be continued.
  • To do list:

    Ah, almost forgot some of those. Very good idea indeed ! Add this list Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO and some off Broadway shows. I'm sure there are more...

  • Boat Basin kicks a$$!! thats gotta be one of my favorite summer drink places...the Flyers had some of our summer Friday happy hours there and wound up closing the place :)

    Though a little pricier, the Central Park Boathouse is a nice drinks place once in awhile in the summer...that is when it's not raining (every time we tried to have a happy hour there last summer, it rained and we were forced inside!)
    • LOL...I'm so happy that the weather is finally starting to cooperate...and boat basin will become an option!

      Now, for this weather to cooperate a week from Thursday;-)
      • (Anonymous)
        This is the first time I hear about Boat Basin!! :-)
        • (Anonymous)
          uh previous anonymous poster was me.. LoL.. system either wants me to register or provide some special openID which I'm not aware of. - Emre
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