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A trip to the "country"

Weekend #2 of 5 in PA in the books. And oh what a weekend it was. Sempre Libera joined me for the weekend to kick off as what she calls her second year as a "pretend-Jew." I'd say my family did an excellent job of providing that...at least I hope so! Heck, I even put in my dues for being a "pretend-Catholic" by going to an Easter mass with Sempre Libera....who says I'm not an equal opportunity person?

So the highlights...

  • Picking up the bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding....YES I AM PRETTY MUCH DONE!

  • A trip to New Hope and I think Sempre Libera saw more farms than she had seen in a very long while...no ostriches though;-) (turns out that one of the girls in my Monday morning spin class saw me in New Hope..ha!)

  • Passover Seder...my family's style...pretty much get through the first half then oops...no second half (no 3rd/4th cup of wine....Elijah...etc). Although one of the non-Jews at our seder ate the afikomen by mistake and his reward: a box of matzoh! ha! Something about my mom having FIFTEEN boxes of matzah...don't ask. The food was supreme as usual....including my mom's homemade Matzoh Ball Soup (with chicken, celery, carrots):-)

  • 8.3 mile run in Tyler State Park....including hills, hills, hills and oh did I mention hills? Even some cross country trail running and running through a covered bridge....hills which became so steep at a point it was almost faster to walk up:-D All through the run I couldn't keep a smile off my face though...there's not much else that I'd rather do on a day like that..except...

  • Sunday afternoon nap on the back patio....well I can say I did more reading than I usually do if I'm in Central Park. You can't get that just anywhere...birds and the sunshine...and oh yeah the little kids playing in the yard.

  • This has been a pretty easy Passover so far....only a few more days and I've got more food than one could ever eat in one complete Passover, let alone just 3 days. I've got: Matzoh Ball Soup, fried matzoh, 1-1/2 more boxes of matzoh, tuna, fresh strawberry & grape jelly, raisin cookies (matzoh style!), and a whole sponge cake (which will be shared)

  • So now Sempre Libera knows the meaning of a Jewish mother as she explains by "scoring" that food. And finally..

    I've got the pom poms ready to cheer on those marathoners today up in Boston! Best of luck everyone...and especially to ST and runlikeagrrl! April 21, 2008 isn't so far away...;-)
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