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The heat is on

Last night was yet another edition of a TRD speed workout. Best of all, it was my favorite kind....long and tempo (similar to last week with a twist for me)! Just keep on running is the name of the game. Last night also marked a return of the summer time feel...ahh nothing like dripping sweat before even starting the workout:p

This week I joined the "purgatory" group. Pretty much we're the odd balls that don't fit in one group or the other but SMACK in between. I've been the pace leader for the 7:30-7:45 group for a while; however, after last week's workout I realized I needed to push a bit more to really feel the "tempo." So this week, my mission was sub 7:30 pace and ideally 7:15-7:20...my own personal purgatory.

Fortunately, AB was able to show up this week and save me from running with "smoothie";) The first 1.5 mile lap was right on the button at 7:26 pace...according to my trusted "pacer" for that go around. The second lap we shortened the recovery a little too much (how one shortens a .2 recovery I have no idea?). Anyway, my guesstimate put us at a 7:15-7:19 pace...definitely a teensy bit faster as I trust what my legs say. Then, thinking I'll just breeze it home, somehow I get suckered into a 7:00 last mile:-p

So what does this mean? It was a good last "gut check" workout pre-Broad Street. I definitely have a number in my head on what I want to run and after feeling pretty good last night for 4 miles at that tempo, I think my number is very doable:) And no I'm not telling you...that would be like wearing the tee shirt before doing the race! I will just say FASTER than last year's time;)

The best part of last night? Breaking Passover (yeah I know I was a tad early) on the UWS with my friends with a nice slice of pizza - and some really funny techno/80s music:) Unfortunately, my stomach was not so keen on eating so I couldn't even finish a full slice!

Oh and finally some marathon news...
The Olympic Trials may be headed for NYC...or Boston
Lance Armstrong to run NYC Marathon
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