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Bridges Runner

The heat is on

The heat is on

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Last night was yet another edition of a TRD speed workout. Best of all, it was my favorite kind....long and tempo (similar to last week with a twist for me)! Just keep on running is the name of the game. Last night also marked a return of the summer time feel...ahh nothing like dripping sweat before even starting the workout:p

This week I joined the "purgatory" group. Pretty much we're the odd balls that don't fit in one group or the other but SMACK in between. I've been the pace leader for the 7:30-7:45 group for a while; however, after last week's workout I realized I needed to push a bit more to really feel the "tempo." So this week, my mission was sub 7:30 pace and ideally 7:15-7:20...my own personal purgatory.

Fortunately, AB was able to show up this week and save me from running with "smoothie";) The first 1.5 mile lap was right on the button at 7:26 pace...according to my trusted "pacer" for that go around. The second lap we shortened the recovery a little too much (how one shortens a .2 recovery I have no idea?). Anyway, my guesstimate put us at a 7:15-7:19 pace...definitely a teensy bit faster as I trust what my legs say. Then, thinking I'll just breeze it home, somehow I get suckered into a 7:00 last mile:-p

So what does this mean? It was a good last "gut check" workout pre-Broad Street. I definitely have a number in my head on what I want to run and after feeling pretty good last night for 4 miles at that tempo, I think my number is very doable:) And no I'm not telling you...that would be like wearing the tee shirt before doing the race! I will just say FASTER than last year's time;)

The best part of last night? Breaking Passover (yeah I know I was a tad early) on the UWS with my friends with a nice slice of pizza - and some really funny techno/80s music:) Unfortunately, my stomach was not so keen on eating so I couldn't even finish a full slice!

Oh and finally some marathon news...
The Olympic Trials may be headed for NYC...or Boston
Lance Armstrong to run NYC Marathon
  • Sorry I've been gone so long. Life's been getting in the way of chronicling life. I'm pleased that I was able to jump online and see how you are doing.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your recent PR! That's wonderful!!!

    Next week I'm going to run the second race of my entire life. The first was my marathon. I have run no other races. The next one is a 10k that J signed me up for. I'm going to try to run the 10k in 45 minutes. That's right. A 7:15 pace. I think I might be able to do it. I don't know. I might blow up at that pace or I might be able to do it. Regardless, I'm going to put it all on the line and see what happens. You might remember how slow I used to be. I'm no speed demon but I'm definitely getting faster. Send positive vibes on 4/29!

    Well, back to life for me. Nice to catch up with you.
    • Good to hear from you!

      Best of luck with your 10K goal. A 10K is a very tough race as it requires speed but also the patience of distance running. I'll send my positive vibes on 4/29 just as long as you send them back on 5/7 for my 10 miler in Philly=)
      • Sorry for the belated reply. I did think of you and send positive vibes on 5/7. Apparently they helped, given your crushing performance.

        And thanks for the positive vibes to me on the 10k. I'm finally going to write that long overdue race report sometime soon.
  • I must try and stop being anon e mouse

    Great work out and best of luck at the Broad Street. Once I have my May marathons madness out of my system, I can get down to some speedwork and work on that qualifying time.

    Just an advance date for your diary - I will be in NY the weekend after NYC, from the Friday, Nov 10th, leaving Monday, and would love to meet up with folk for a run or race. It's the one weekend there isn't a race in the Park, but it would be fun to say hi - (I plan well in advance). - Liam
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