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So today I had my usual early morning 5 mile jaunt in the park with AB at 6:15. We finished and as we were stretching by Engineer's Gate I happened to look up to see a biker go by...nothing new there. However, about 50 feet later, his wheel just POPS off without warning, the guy went flying into the air and fell square on the asphalt on his right side and may have smacked his head (he was wearing a helmet). It was absolutely terrifying to see. Fortunately there were about 5 or 6 people that rushed over to make sure he was alright and called for help. I left the park after I saw him up and walking around; meanwhile, his bike was in several pieces:(

It just brought to light how important that helmet can be. I am now part of the biking revolution in Central Park and I would NEVER consider riding without a helmet. Yet, I still see so many people that do. Do people really think it's "cool"? I just think it's utterly ridiculous, not to mention irresponsible. Irresponsible in the sense that if somehow they fall whether it be an accident or a freak incident like this morning and smack their head, what then? I just don't get it.

My second incident in the park this week involved "bike lane man." I am wondering, all you Central Park runners, have you encountered the man that yells at runners if they are in the "bike lane" at any point? This is even during off hours when the bikes generally stay outside since the lanes are so small as it is. This week "bike lane man" told me he'd laugh when "a bike going 37mph came around and hit me." Nice. :-p

And finally, sadly it looks my inaugural run to food to Peanut Butter and Company may have to be cancelled this weekend due to the predicted weather of rain, rain, and oh yeah...more rain:( However, this should get my butt in gear to continue planning Hood to Coast stuff...it's only about 4 months away!
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