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Bridges Runner

Digital Camera help!

Digital Camera help!

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So the time has come to finally replace my digital camera. It has done me well as I bought it back in June 2000...so 6 years for a digital camera, not bad.  However, it is time...as it is like having a walkman when the discmen came out...just doesn't cut it!  However, I'm torn on what route to go...as I have become someone that enjoys taking photographs.  I do not just want a point and shoot camera.  I want some manual controls but I still want it to be compact.  I do not need a "walkman" replacement so to speak:)  I use Adobe photoshop so quality pictures would be nice and I can edit if need be;-)  Obviously I want it to be useful for taking photos at oh say...those running races;-) So I ask the internet world for some suggestions...here are some that I found interesting...but if anyone else has some input I'd love to hear it:) 

Here's some reviews of cameras I found "interesting":






  • Canon Exlim

    The Canon Exlim, which just came out, sounds like exactly what you are looking for. Lots of manual controls in a point and shoot. Not for a novice, but not as big as an SLR. I have the Canon Elph SD400, which is a great buy and a super small camera, but it seems like you are willing to go bigger than a deck of cards and want a little more power and control.

    But the best pictures come from cameras with big quality lenses. The numbers of megapixels has become an overrated measuring stick. A good digital SLR will produce better pictures than any point and shoot.

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