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Bridges Runner

Take that off the list

Take that off the list

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So I've made my digital camera selection: The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LXS1. And no I am not a fool that bought it off the manufacturer's website...I actually found a MUCH BETTER DEAL. Let's just say strike off a couple hundred at least;) I'm pretty excited as it seems to have all the features one could ask for out of a point and shoot with manual control. I'll do the happy dance when it comes...which it seems I will have in my hands by the end of the week!

So one may be asking...I've not heard anything about the swim thing you're attempting to learn. Well, my friends, I am happy to report that this past Sunday I trekked up to Riverbank to the big people's pool [otherwise known as the olympic sized, 50m pool]. It was definitely a lot harder as I will atest that 50 meters is a long ways...I kept thinking am I done yet? I'm really starting to believe in myself in the pool though...now don't get me wrong...it's still quite a chore as I have to think "do I breathe now" and "hey arm...you're not supposed to do that"...amongst other items of importance. But I have to remember...running was not such a "ho hum" activity at first. I consider it a victory that now I don't "cringe" at the thought of swimming...it's more of a "hmmph it's a swim day." This doesn't surprise me though as I've always been the 'go getter' and a challenge is always nice....keeps you on your toes!

In other news, Hood to Coast is just four months from today! Woohoo! I now have 9 team members which leaves 3 spots to fill. And even more exciting,....I've booked airfare to Portland as well as hotel rooms for the race for my team. Up next: booking airfare to Philly from Seattle so I can head down to Baltimore for wedding insanity, finding 3 more crazy people that want to do a 24 hour relay, and what the heck to do in Oregon/Washington the rest of the week:)

Filed under random: Saw Spike Lee yesterday along 5th Avenue. I never notice famous people but those glasses are so distinctive!
  • Glad you like your choice

    Knowing next to nothing about Digital Cameras (I have one, a Nikkon Coolpix), I shied away from passing any tidbits of info on this subject, but glad you are pleased with your choice. No excuse now for not sharing loads of pictrures with us.

    Would love to do a 24 hour relay, sounds like fun. Just wish it was easier to get across, maybe one year before I'm 90!

    As to your swimming, I have to confess to being unable to swim - at my age too! So, I guess tri's are going to be forever out for me, but great to hear how you progress in your quest.
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