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I'll drink to that

So last night was my running club's monthly Last Thursday gathering with a twist. Instead of a) just our club and b) on the UES or UWS, we held joint happy hours with the NY Flyers and NY Harriers at a downtown location, B Bar. After a rough week with some issues beyond this forum, it was a much welcome atmosphere to be amongst what I call my NY family and putting back some hefeweizens. So of course this venue brought together the ventures of runner bloggers...some I have met before and others that "came out of the closet";-) While running was discussed, it wasn't the only means of conversation by any means...which is always cool. Sadly, no catwalk was set up for this happy hour...maybe next time;-) I was rather impressed with the fact that over 30 members from my team showed up throughout the evening...it was like a shot in the arm for our once fading Last Thursday!

One thing that definitely sticks out from meeting so many people is it gives me a few more people to wave hello to along the park drive. I think I am now beginning to understand how my dad knows everyone in the park he runs in. Hopefully, we'll have another one of these because it was a nice change to break away from the usual pace.

Oh and before I sign off and head into weekendville - my new digital camera has arrived!!!! No more 1.3 megapixel baloney....8.4 megapixels of goodness coming to a webpage near you:-)
A sample photo with NO photo shop edits: Central Park flower

Best of luck to all those running Queens tomorrow...and oh I am so excited for the run to Peanut Butter on Sunday!!!
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