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Bridges Runner

Hungry like the wolf

Hungry like the wolf

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It's Wednesday. Sunday is approaching quickly. That means it's time for goal race #2 of the year. I'm excited to test my long distance racing abilities again and this time leave it all out there. Last year I ran a 1:17 so I'm very curious to see what a full year of training has done. I do have a number in mind but we'll see...no need to jinx myself before the run:) I'm already getting antsy but I know laying low the week before a race is essential. At least this time I don't have a coworker hacking up a lung next to me!

This past weekend I finally was able to coordinate the inaugural run for food of 2006! Naturally the first stop on the food tour this summer is PB&Co. And making it feel like a field trip for school, we brown bagged our PB sandwiches and headed out to Washington Square Park. Mmmmmmm. After having my fill of PB, enough to keep a smile on my face for days, it was off to Brooklyn for the Cherry Blossom Festival! What a wonderful way to utilize my new camera...as you can see from my photos here.

This marked the beginning of what looks to be another fantastic summer in NYC. The time of year that makes me forget what the inside of my apartment looks like and Central Park really does become my home!
  • Best of Luck

    Just wishing you all the best vibes from across the water. Looking at your times etc, I have a number for you in mind as well - Best of luck at smashing that PR from last year, at least :) -

    Envious of the weather, it's raining here today :(

  • Good luck on the race! You are going to have a great run!
  • Wow, you guys have a Cherry Blossom, too! The pictures are great!

    Good luck on your run! I'll be doing just a 5k jaunt on Sunday myself!
  • (Anonymous)
    Wow, the race is this Sunday? Best of luck ! I checked your gallery, you took awesome photos with your new camera, I say, it's the Leica lens. I'm jealous ;-)

  • good luck tomorrow...kick some broad street a$$! :)
  • Vitam Agae!

    Sounds like you are stealing summer! What fun it is to run in the city that never sleeps! You have an impressive PR. Maybe we will run the CP one day. Be well and I shall follow up on you. What an inspiration! (sorry I had to click the 'Anonymous' button but I am in the process of opening a LiveJournal acct.) Ever done an ultra marathon?

    • Re: Vitam Agae!

      nope no ultras for me as of yet...:)

      thanks for stopping by! let me know when you open up an lj and i'll check it out:)
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