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Bridges Runner

Back from hiatus

Back from hiatus

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Please note that I have no circulation in my fingers again...I love having no heat in my office. I've had people say that it's the little things that make it nice....hmmm...

So weekend 4 of 9 out of NYC in the books. And best of all one weekend to go til my family obligations are finito for a while! Now don't misread that..i love my family dearly but traveling to jersey or philly every weekend gets old, not to mention tiring. The wedding is a week from this coming Sunday.

Anyway this weekend was the bachlorette party. It was well the usual. Do I really need to say more? I thought not.

As for the running front, I took it easy this week. I took 3 FULL days off...to allow ample recovery from last week's race. I guess its good to practice what I preach, no? I did get in a close to 11 mile run on thursday by accident. It adds up quickly. Between a pre-group reservoir, lower 5 group run and 2 more reservoirs with friends that showed up at the end....voila! To me it shows the fantastic shape I'm in as it really didn't phase me at all. I ended up with another 25 mile week as an off week. Pretty neat. I'm looking to maintain 25 as a low week and only go as high as 35 at any point. I've definitely noticed it has made a tremendous difference.

Now I shall ramp up for the mini 10k in 4 weeks or as I say, the redemption 10k. I'll also get back at the biking and swimming. There are a couple sprint tris I'm eying in july. Oh and in case you didn't think I plan ahead....
Races I'm thinking about in the coming months (til september)..definitely subject to change:
Mini 10k - june 10
Corporate challenge - june 22 (not really a race...but will be there)
Sprint tri - july
Some other race - july (depends on what weekend I do a tri)
Club championships-august
Hope and possibility 5 miler - august
H2C - august
Philly distance run - September
  • (Anonymous)
    At work, we have an amazing central cooling system. In summer, you can even imagine a polar bear or few penguins drop out of the ventilation shaft on to your desk --in frozen ice cubes. :-)

    • That is awesome!

      Good job on thursday with the "close to 11 mile" run! Yes, it definitely adds up quickly! after running a few a loops with friends, before you know it , you would have "what the eff was i thinking" in the back of your head! Anyway it def shows you're insanely fit and keep it up!!

  • Love the idea of your "Rest" weeks still being 25 miles. I have never been a High Mileage guru myself, but I plan to expand my miles this summer and really train hard, and sensibly, for Dublin in October. Looking forward to following you thru the summer..
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