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Bridges Runner



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So three years ago (yesterday) I had my graduation from a small university...LOL. Scary. Then three years later, I had another type of graduation...in the running world. Suffice to say I've moved up in the world...and graduated out of my speed group. I'm now testing new waters and definitely will be running harder and harder as the summer approaches and wears on.

Last night was a sneak preview of the challenges that are ahead of me. While running faster is great, what's not so great is the fact that unlike a 7:30-7:45 group which has a ton of people....the faster crew isn't quite as large and diverse! My new group will surly test me as it is almost completely male dominated. However, it will be a good way to force me out of a comfort zone.

Which brings us to last night's workout. Coach Sponge designed a fartlek workout with a huge kick in the a$$ at the end. We ran the famous fence run except with running hard on all the uphills. I kept up with the boys for this portion. Then came the kick in the a$$ part with the mile pickup from Tavern on the Green to the top of the hill near the Reservoir. I decided, be damned, just run....and who cares because this is it folks. The boys took off like a bat out of hell (of which I found out to the tune of sub 6:30 pace!) and I was left to run alone. Run hard I did and finished with a slightly over 7 minute mile...all in all not bad considering it's pretty much all up hill at the end of a 5 mile workout!

Oh and before I head on out...if you're running the 10K on Saturday, look for me on the east and west side of the park around 84th street...the pom poms will be out in force!
  • Ironic you meantion that race. I wanted to run it but need to drive up to Binghamton for my sister's graduation. I am not in the 7 minute mile group though, More in the 8 minute group.
  • yesterday was the anniversary of my college graduation too...though 8 years for me (yikes!)

    congrats on movin' on up to the next speed group. running with boyz is fun :)
    • It's scary how fast time fies...eek!

      well i'm working on the running with part...a lot of chasing right now;-) LOL!
  • *sigh* 3 years. it feels like yesterday and 50 years ago at the same time.
  • congrats!

    the claw and i knew you were in back of us! congrats and a job well done! cya next week!

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