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It's amazing to me the transformation I've had in just a few months.  I'm not so sure that I gained all that speed in that time - or rather I acquired the *eye of the tiger* and confidence needed to go to the next level.  Last night we headed up to the Great Hill track for some high quality speed action.  This involved 3 x .21 and then 8 x .21 with 2 minute rest in between.  With the 2 minute rest (whether it was 2 mins is debatable), that meant run really FREAKIN' hard.  It was another installment of running with the boys....again, the only girl in town for that group.  Sheesh, some people need to get themselves better and back out there...*ahem*...not mentioning any names;-) 

Anyway, my times were eyepopping to me.  It's not so much the pace but the change from the last couple times we've gone up there.  It was a solid 5-6 seconds faster.  I was consistantly running 1:17-1:18 which comes out to a cool 6:05-6:10 pace! Sweet.  Lap 8 I knocked out a 1:15...talk about a heart pounding experience!  The only annoying part was the one guy that tried to run with my group and would run as hard as he could for half a lap then die....so I had to go around...which when running that hard is not fun.  He's the type that has issues with women running faster than him...heh heh heh. I'm still in shock that my little legs can go that fast!

Which reminds me...I signed up for the Philly Distance Run on September 17th.  That will be my run for sub 1:40 and judging by my workouts right now that shouldn't be a problem as it has a nice, flat course.  My dad has already gone on record as saying "I plan on running around 1:37:30...you and your friends should too." LOL...my dad is awesome!  I was originally going to just do Gretes but it's the same weekend as the Fifth Avenue Mile....which despite the lung burning experience, I want to do it again! So now I can do it all=)

So here we are....tomorrow afternoon starts the weekend of everything for the wedding.  My brother's wedding is Sunday. It's pretty much they tell me where to go...and I go;-)  One thankful thing...my dad actually was the one to suggest a Sunday morning pre-wedding run. Thank goodness....for all our sanity's sake:-D  As for wedding festivities, it goes as follows: synagogue Saturday so they can mention my brother's wedding (i think?), rehearsal dinner Saturday evening, wedding ceremony Sunday evening, reception Sunday after the ceremony, and finally a brunch at the bride's house Monday morning (even though they are leaving early that morning for their honeymoon...).  Whew...I'm exhausted just thinking about that....I'm sure there will be a lot to talk about and hey - I'll be all decked out and will have the photos to prove it - see I do wear other things besides polyester! ha!

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