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Bridges Runner

Dress to impress

Dress to impress

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So it is. 14 months of wedding insanity and my brother is now hitched. Who knew what an ordeal it would be? I know some of my friends probably felt involved after all the details they heard....not to mention whining:p I really do appreciate your ears and yes...no more wedding speak - well definitely not from me and my immediate family anyway!

So yes the whirlwind of a weekend. I literally was in a wedding carousel. Friday was the calm before the storm. Saturday...640am it begins as we have to leave the house by 8am so we can get to the ufruff. Pretty much a 5 minute glory session for the wedding party surrounded by a full sabbath service. (for those that care the wedding couple has an aliyah during the torah service as well as the rabbi saying nice things for a couple minutes. I like to call it a preview of coming attractions) Anyway 3 1\2 hours of service later we were released:p. From there I had time for a quick lunch before being sent off for the obligatory manicure and pedicure followed by changing quickly for the rehearsal dinner. This was my side of the family's obligation so my job was to keep my mom calm. Whew everything was fine and between food and quite a few glasses of wine - things were good with me!Right></a>

Sunday morning brought the day...FINALLY! My dad and I were able to get an hour's run in and so weird to run on such a flat course. For those that are unaware, south jersey has no hills. Cat hill would be like a mountain:p. Anyway, the run was a nice release before the long day began.

Between hair, makeup, and forced photos it was nonstop craziness. Funniest was my sister in law calling to let us know she's getting married. Lol.  I must say my brother looked fabulous and it was really weird because I still picture us young and him teasing me. Oh wait...was that yesterday?  It should be mentioned this was my first wedding of memory (i was 1 year old for my uncle's). So pretty cool that my first true experience involved being a part of the wedding. I walked with my brother's jr high buddy. Funny as I still see him playing soccer with my brother. Good guy and turns out he is a brooklynite!

Ceremony goes and the party literally starts as I walk out to a cosmopolitan! How'd they know???? Lol. So happy hour was happy as I think I consumed 3 or 4 drinks and enjoyed the sushi and wildmushroom stands:) made my rounds and my curly hair was a big hit. Gotta get that in!

So the reception was about a zillion times more than what I'd do but hey its not mine! The band was great and kept the party hopping minus the cliche songs...no YMCA or Macarena!  Before I knew it the night was over and my feet felt like a marathon had been run! My toe had taken a beating from a foot as it was swollen and bleeding. So 10+ hours after getting in my dress I could finally change. Whew. And crash at 230am after continuing the festivities at the hotel a while longer. Woke up this morning for a brunch in which everyone looked like a trainwreck...no photos of that, sorry;0)

So here I am on the train back, a lot more tired than when this journey began. But I know my brother had the biggest smile I've ever seen. So that made it worth every minute. So congrats bro, you really are all grown up now!

Oh and one last thing...kudos to AB for finishing her second marathon in less than 4 hours. Given the horrendous conditions super kudos in order, not to mention a round of chicken fingers - the official post marathon food!

  • Nice

    Glad you had such a good time and congrats to your brother and youe new sis-in-law. You look great btw! :)
  • Hair

    You look fabulous with your hair and red dress!

  • ooh la la....
  • Nice

    Sounds like a really good time. Congrats to your brother and new sister-in-law.

    I thought that I was the only one who enjoyed chicken fingers after a long run... who knew!

  • the dress and hair look fabulous!! :)

    and a wedding isn't a wedding without some kind of cheesy cliche song!! if not the ones you mentioned...then "electric slide," "conga"...or something else :)

    glad you had a good time, and congrats to the newlyweds!
  • ya look great, and now you can rest a little easier!
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