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I got sent this link from a friend...read this before my comments


This is just a scary posting to the forum. This is 2002...not 1941 or there abouts. Last time I checked, America is about free speech and overall freedom. This pretty much goes against the first ammendment....what happened today. The irony of it is today is Flag Day. And we all know what the flag symbolizes. I don't know what to make out of this. I'm mad. Angry that this is happening in MY country...my home. I mean I am in no way a person of causing disorder, disturbing the peace, but since when is turning your back a crime? And since when can a university just take a diploma away? I guess it's similar to Penn State....when they decided that public nakedness is worse than rape. Basically they took a diploma away from a student ONE year after he graduated, and expelled a student for 2 years for a rape conviction...aka he can come back and earn a degree. What an absolute disgrace. Anyways i've digressed. I'm hoping this post is not true....hoping our country hasn't turned it's back on the foundation of it all...FREEDOM. So I ask you....what do you think? Leave your thoughts.....I know you read this;-)

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