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Bridges Runner

No mercy

No mercy

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You know no mercy is becoming more cliche these days....but I've started to use this as I run (thanks SB!)...well that and run like hell.  Tonight, rather than sit around and be lazy...or perhaps study....I joined Coach Sponge up at Riverbank for an impromtu speed workout.  What made this tough is the fact that I would be running alone rather than in the company of my fellow teammates.  I figured this was an excellent opportunity for me to start seeing how much I can pull myself, rather than depending on others to pull me along.  It's a major change from a few short months ago when I was pacing the group. 

So what exactly was my workout?  Try 12 x 400 in 3 sets of 4 with 200m recoveries in between and 400m between sets.  This is one tough workout folks!  Rather than full fledge speed this is a test of endurance and speed.  My mission was to complete the first 2 sets at around 10K pace (but probably faster due to the track) and the final set at 5K or faster.  I left Sponge to his workout and off I went...

So what did I find out?  400m hurts!  You get through that first 300m and it's that last 100m that kicks you in the a$$.  Mentally it is tough to run alone as it is so easy to just quit but all I kept thinking is what will you do in August at the end of Club Championships?  You'll want that 400m to push and show no mercy (right SB?).  It's also a challenge because you run hard on that track and then you have soccer balls and little obstacles (like small children) that make for road blocks!  Overall, I'm pleased as my first 8 sets averaged between 6:40-7:00 pace (yes it is faster but you can't help it!).  The last 4 I did show no mercy/pit bull mentality...I ran a blistering 6:15-6:30 pace...so weird to know my legs have speed in them.  Now I just need to put it all together in a race.  I know it's there....it's just a matter of confidence to let it all out at the right time. 

As for Sponge, I think I helped him finish his last pickup as I screamed "NO MERCY!" as he headed down the last 100m breakaway. He flew around the track....at least from what I saw.

Yes I am doing the Corporate Challenge on Thursday but honestly I'm not expecting to break any records.  This race is notoriously crowded and annoying...plus I have to wear cotton.  Oh the horror!  Just look for the shirts that make your eyes bleed and you will see my company:-p

So what else?  My RCDD application went through and my references are receiving calls asking if they sent the letters.  Crap, I am going to have to take this test!!!

Oh and a very happy birthday to kenkomachi!

  • thanks yo! :)
  • (Anonymous)
    yeah ill be running on weds - and take it easy with the corporate challenge - It is crowded and there are no chips! so how can this be a serious race?!??! however, im sure you'll be one of the top runners in your company so, you will get to run on park avenue (that was def an amazing experience! ).
    heck, when i got my tshirt today - it was a dark and ugly blue with the motto "one priority: performance" - how retarded is that?

    good job going in the 6;15s on the last 4 and it was great catching up with you on the reservoir!


    • i have yet to see our shirts...i wish it would stay that way:) two years ago it was a bleeding red with black lettering. Awful.

  • The end of the Club Champs, believe me you're not alone. Back when I ran it 2 years ago, it was yet another tough day, but the guys were screaming their lungs out for me...they spotted another woman within striking contention in front of me and yelled "come on, you can pass her"...which i did :) I love those split-start races for that reason only :)

    but great job with the workout!! sometime i have to get up there for a workout...im sure it beats doing intervals on the reservoir or on the road.

    i haven't even seen our company's t-shirts yet but i have a feeling i wont be wearing it anyway...just too damn hot!! good luck thursday.
  • That's a serious workout. Interval training, any kind, is brutal. But that's when you really begin to see results!

    Quick pace, by the way. Go you!
  • No Mercy...

    That is a mantra I could have used on the 6th set of 1200's last night. Augh!

    Take it easy at the Corporate Challenge. I've not done one but it sounds like a bunch of amatures and guys who exercise once or twice a year trying to prove something.

    Josh (http://joshmorphew.blogspot.com/)
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