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It's funny. You hear the stereotypes and people say "kids these days!". Sadly, the other evening I had a couple incidents on the subway that just made me and a friend shake our heads.

Incident #1: Upon entering the train after a long afternoon of walking and seeing probably every store in the WV/LES/SoHo area (I think there's more food in that area than is needed for the entire city!), I take a seat and let my feet take a much needed reprieve. However, across the way three children were not going to allow me to have that reprieve. The three kids probably aged 4-11 were beating the crap out of each other. The kicker out of this...the youngest girl started licking the subway pole. ANd you may be asking, through the commotion, where were the mom/dad? No where to be found....

Incident #2: Halfway through the fantastic subway ride, an older gentleman enters the train...probably in his upper 60s. He notices the ruckus children and doesn't want to sit down right next to them since there's a good shot at being elbowed or licked or who knows what:-p Rather than sit down, he asks politely if one of the young people would please allow him to sit down. Nothing confrontational about it. All of a sudden you hear these what looked like 11 year olds with makeup to make them look 17 start cussing out the man. I could not believe my ears! This lasted two subway stops.

Sad. I just didn't want to believe it. Upon exiting the subway uptown, a middle aged woman comes up to me and my friend and goes "And that is why I'm not a school teacher anymore!".

In conclusion, it's 10PM...do you know where your kids are;)
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