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Fourth of July!

So there goes the 4 day weekend.  I thought to myself on Friday at around 5pm...wow 4 whole days off.  It's going to seem like forever.  Funny how it never is the case;-)

It was a fun weekend for sure though. I started out with some labor work Friday after work by helping my friend move 15 blocks south.  This is when it becomes blatently obvious that I am an engineer (and yes I'm proud of it!).  We started moving stuff out to the van and people started just trying to stuff things in. This is when I started my orchestration of how to fit things like a game of tetris. Once we arrived at the new destination, I orchestrated moving everything out of the van and into the apartment....starting with electronic equipment as the skies had the look of another monsoon on the way.  As a reward, we went to the Boat Basin (even though it was pouring rain AGAIN!).  One of my friends is amazing as he was able to be of great help even with one good arm;-) 

This past weekend I also discovered two friends have fantastic rooftops!  Why they haven't shared til now?  I don't know.  Monday night we had dinner on one friend's roof and it was spectacular.  Table furniture, lighting....and oh my...a breeze!  Hard to believe with the weather on the streets feeling like a sauna.

The 4th was fun even if I didn't see the fireworks:-p  And no fireworks in the streets this year either;-)  If you recall, last year was spent up in E. Harlem...definitely an experience to say the least.  So anyway, I baked a cake from scratch (chocolate cake + vanilla frosting + blueberries and strawberries)...patriotic of course!  I need to continue to prove my baking skills...and I do believe that this one passed the test.  I know I didn't get 13 stripes and 50 stars but only so much one can do with a 13x9 cake pan:-)

Oh and one thing I did make sure to do on the 4th is continue on my family tradition for American holidays.  When I was younger, I used to get so excited for a national holiday because it meant we took the flag out and hung it outside.  Now, one could just take it out and call it a day.  But what fun is that?  My dad and I would march around the driveway singing "It's a Grand Ole' Flag" before hanging it up.  Now that I'm up in NY, I still make sure to make that call to PA and immediately break into song.  It's just one of those things:)  As much as I may get angry with some of the things that go on with this country, it's all because I care so much.  Seeing the flag is something that makes me remember that yeah it is a great country....and I'll do my part to keep it that way. 

And that's it for now...just got back from speed on the East River (yay for running in my backyard!).

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