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Bridges Runner

It's 1am and look what I'm doing...

It's 1am and look what I'm doing...

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Yes I know...what the heck am I doing blogging at 1am on a Sat night?  Well, I have no answers for that.  I'm actually quite tired as I have been running around all day.  I seem to be lapsing back into the sleeping issues I had last summer.  For some reason, no matter how tired I was, I just couldn't sleep.  I'd go to bed at a normal hour, fall asleep, but for whatever reason I'd wake up at 3 or 4am...and that was that.  I couldn't go back to bed...and this cycle would repeat until literally I couldn't keep my head up during the day.  Utterly ridiculous.

So last night was a happy hour with the NY Flyers.  It was at a rooftop bar on the East Side but it turned out to be ridiculously crowded.  To make matters worse, it turned out the roped off section we were supposed to have got nixed by the owner at the last minute.  This created a super overcrowded scenario.  Oh well.  I did get to meet a bunch of Flyers as I tried to get mingling between the two clubs.  This included meeting a couple of bloggers....Ceud Mile Fault (thanks for the H2C tips!) and Landmarks. I also chatted with NYFlygirl...including where in the heck she will end up on work travel.  I reminded her that it couldn't be worse than being in Biloxi...:-) Besides the horrendously overpriced drinks, I had a good time.  Quite a few of us went out for food after before finally heading home for the evening.

And now to the racing portion of the entry.  Today my dad notifies me that the usual July 4th race in Washington Crossing was rescheduled to July 22nd due to flooding.  Why does this matter?  Well, turns out that's the weekend I'll be in town due to wedding #2 of 4.  My dad was telling me it was only a 10K which I would pass on due to the 5k the following weekend (it'd be foolish to think I could race a 10K and attempt to sub 7 a 5k the following weekend).  However, upon further review, they've added a 5k in addition to the usual 10k.  Hmmm.  This may be worth another shot as this race would be MUCH smaller and another good shot at placing in my age group.  It appears to be flat too.  It also is at 8:30am as opposed to at 5pm in the heat of the day.  See, I've done this race before but the memories aren't so grand.  This was my first 10K ever back in the day. I remember my dad ran with me and let me just make a long story short by saying I let him know my displeasure of running 6.2 miles.  I finished in around an hour.  Funny...I kept telling my dad at that point I would never be a runner and I hated it. Oh how he must be laughing now.

OK, I think I'm going to go try and do that sleeping thing now...

Oh and for what will probably be the only time...GO FRANCE (or more like...go free lunch!).


  • Oh in that case I think it would be neat to return to a race and compare how much you've improved over those years. Especially if the memories of that race were unpleasant, it would be cool to replace them with victorious memories.
    • overpriced and overcrowded

      Yes and yes, but it was great meeting you and some of your club members. Have a wonderful time with H2C. Forgot to tell you something important: unless coverage is better than it was in the last couple of years, you will have no cell phone reception on legs 25-30. A workaround our teams have used successfully is to leave Van 1 at the leg 24 exchange point to see the last Van 2 runner start (it's at a local grange, and there's parking) and then drive to the next exchange point to prepare for the handoff. You're not really supposed to do that, but no one checks. Hope that helps.

      • Re: overpriced and overcrowded

        Nice to meet you as well. I was just happy to be able to have an outdoor event minus the rain for once!

        As for H2C, thanks for the heads up about cell phones. I know we had similar issues with RTB last year but its a new ballgame being 3000+ miles away.
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