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Bridges Runner

Beach Friday

Beach Friday

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One of the major perks of my job is summer hours.  This means I get every other Friday off after the 4th of July (to make up the time we get to work a 1/2 hour earlier and only  have 45 min lunch);-)  Started a week later this year due to getting last Monday off as a holiday! Yippee!  So the guy I work with on projects asked if I would mind taking this Friday off and he'd take the following.  Oh darn, another shortened week;-)  So what does one do when it's going to be 90 degrees and sunny? Why I will be going to the beach with pink monkey:-)  Can't wait to run around and enjoy the sunshine! 

No Philharmonic concert tonight due to rain....nor speed.  I ran at 5:45am in what was the equivalent of running underwater again.  I took an ice cold shower and I still felt hot! Yuck!  I missed a night on the Harlem Hills....but plan to make up my own version of speed Sunday.  You see I've decided to go for the 5K next Saturday.  Bring...it...on!

  • Good luck on the 5K!
  • (Anonymous)
    It wasn't any less humid at speed--everything, including my socks and shoes, was completely soaked with sweat. Good luck in the 5K.
  • yeah what everyone else said...good luck in the 5K :-)

    our "summer day" arrangement is that we get 4 days to use between memorial day and labor day, but must be used on a Monday or a Friday. too bad i always wind up never using them til August (summer is always crazy season!) :-\
  • Good luck

    You will go under 45:30 in the 5K, but hydrate it will be hot. Have a great weekend. Run hard.
  • KILL THE 5K!

    Alright - KILL THE 5K! Destroy it! You can do it tiger! Good luck :)

  • 5k

    Good Luck!

  • summer hours

    Very, very nice. . . I could do with some summer hours. Hope the race was everything you wanted it to be.

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