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Bridges Runner



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This World Cup is incredible!!!! Just when you thought Korea had done enough of its magic to get into the second round (and get the boys of the USA in as a matter of fact), they go and beat Italy...only the #6 ranked team in the world!!!!!! It was controversial but the Italians had numerous chances to put the game away before OT.....Vieri missed quite a few chances. Doesn't matter.....
Korea 2
Italy 1

I definitely stayed for OT even though I had to get to work...I was only 15mins off my normal starting time...I am on my own time schedule there:)

After work, I made a purchase at Wally World....a giant US Flag....I'll be ready Friday morning!!!! And afterwards, a permanent staple on my apartment wall! I've got World Cup fever, how about you? Damn England/Brazil game is 2:30 Friday so I don't think I'll be able to watch that:-( Stupid work....and stupid Korean time...hehe. GO ENGLAND in that one:)
  • Haha! A big giant american flag. I want one!! Lol. I HAVE FOOTBALLIIS!! and quite a bit of World Cup fever.

    Go soccer fanatics!

    My prediction for the US/Germany game. US will score early in the first half, and hold the lead untill germany knocks one in before half. Then, in OT - Landon Donovan will save the day! *woosh!* off comes the shirt
    • Oh yeah....the flag is up on my wall right now....but will come down so I can run around and scream after the US defeats Germany!!!! hehe...I'm a little excited...just a tad;) I want to be in Korea now:(
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