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Tempo=1st in age group?

So yeah...remember how I was racing a 5k today. Well make that a 10k and not really racing. Turns out I made a fantastic decision too as the 5k was a 1/2 mile short! Anyway, no records broken today but a good tempo baced workout....46:49 according to my watch (7:32 pace). Won my age group! More later but I'm off to get ready for a wedding....a definite test for my hair!

For those that care here's the long and short of it (race was in Washington Crossing, PA..yes the place where Washington crossed the Delaware!):
I was totally prepped to run a 5k. I didn't really eat anything because I had a decent meal Friday and for a 5k...not so necessary. So I just had a cup of coffee before heading out. Next thing I know, we're walking to the registration table and my dad goes "you know, we should do the 10k. I think it will be better for your strength and conditioning too!", LOL. Meanwhile that brings memories back to me because I did this race when I was in junior high and it was one of the most miserable experiences ever..I ran it in just over an hour and felt like crap. I hated my dad for this...and he never fails to remind me! So at this point, I figured what the heck....let's do it! I said I'd do it under one condition...I am pacing myself to a tempo pace, not all out racing. First off, the weather was atrocious....you know its bad when the sweat doesn't evaporate (eww!). Dewpoint was almost equal to the actual temperature which is why there wasn't a whole lot of evaporation going on!

So my dad says deal. He takes off right off the bat and ends up finishing 4th in his age group...by seconds (sound familar to my last 4th of July race?). For my race, I had no intentions of placing, just getting a good workout in. I also figured another way to get a brutal weather workout in...I think this tops anything I've run in so far (yes even mini though I felt worse, the weather was definitely worse for this one!).

1 - 7:29
2 - 7:36
3 - 7:34
4 - 7:31
5 - 7:35
6 - 7:34
.2 - 1:27
Total time: 46:49 (still over a minute faster than my 10K PR from last year!)

Very controlled race and my pacemaster skills were in full effect. I never fell into a true racing form which is exactly what I wanted. Winning my age group was an added bonus:-) Oddly enough, I just realized that both races I did for the 4th of July were not on the 4th of July. Weird.

This week I'm just doing a few normal runs before the 5k...no need for any speedwork until then as I got a good hard run on Saturday!
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