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Bridges Runner

Smell those waves

Smell those waves

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I just realized that exactly a month from today I will be somewhere along the H2C course. And as team captain, I get to make my team members suffer, err I mean enjoy their legs;) Also, I realized I have never seen the Pacific Ocean in person, unless you count flying over it. You see, I'm running the final leg of H2C....which means my first time seeing the Pacific will be arriving at the beach to finish the relay! Sweet.

Received the handbook yesterday in the mail. Incredible story about how this relay evolved. Starting with just 88 people (not teams!), it now has 1000 teams. Bob Foote, the guy who started it, had it coincide with the full moon to allow for maximum light and each leg was EXACTLY 5 miles (OCD much?). He even calculated it to exactly 5 where there was a leg that landed in the middle of a 5 point intersection. So rather than end in the middle....the exchange would take place at the curb and the next runner would start to run in the middle of the intersection. His architectural background came in handy and then the math flowed...as he computated a way to interweave the teams (fast and slow).....based on 10K abilities. But, as we all know, there are liars out there. *sigh* Pretty cool stuff though...hope I didn't bore you too much...but be prepared for a whole lot more H2C talk in the coming month!

I...can't...wait! The anticipation is incredible....now for the actual event to live up to it...oh and of course the vacationing after. Oh yes. 1 month. I can do it!
  • Awesome!

    Very cool! I'd love to do a big relay like H2C. Sounds like you're going to have an awesome time.

  • Have fun! It sounds like a wonderful experience.

    I used to live near the Pacific ocean and visited it regularly. I miss it.
  • (no subject) -
    • Not quite Cannon Beach

      The relay ends in Seaside, which is about an hour and a half to two hours away. (I have fond memories of going to both places regularly while growing up.)

      Uptown girl - you'll love it. Hood to Coast is so much fun! I'll probably do it again sometime, but not for a couple of years. Keep an eye out for the llama farms; you'll pass at least a couple en route.

  • H2C

    H2C rocks. I ran it last year for the first time on my brother-in-law's Nike team, leg 7/19/31. I'm heading out again this year. It's beautiful out there, lucky you getting the last leg. Don't forget to check out Haystack Rock. See you there :-) Btw, fyi, someone on the Yahoo H2C group put this together - http://htcmaps.com/. Good luck, David. http://hoodtocoaster.blogspot.com/
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