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Bridges Runner

Roasting in the city

Roasting in the city

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New York City
Really. That's the only word to describe my day of which I spent a great majority either outside or in non-A/C confines. Oh yes this is the joys of my job sometimes. I did get up and do my 5 mile run this morning. I felt more like a roasted marshmellow than anything else...and as was mentioned to me it was beyond being toasted:-p Absolutely gross and this was way before the sun began its journey to scorch the asphalt. However, as Sempre Libera mentions, the fountains at playgrounds are a godsend. I definitely took full advantage of this on the way home...you know it's crazy when you immediately feel your body temperature drop a few degrees after sticking your head in freezing cold water for a minute or two;)

Today I also had the lovely experience of doing a site survey at a construction site. Am I a lucky girl or what? :)

However, the big equalizer is the savior that awaited me upon my sweaty return: FREE ICE CREAM SUNDAE! It's the little things....
  • So hot. So very hot. I ended up running in the heat of the day. Scorching. I thought I might melt.
  • Hopefully tonight I can run late when it gets cooler. My limit is 90 degrees, after that I feel like I will leave melted bits of myself behind. I really hope this weather breaks.
  • Good for you for getting your run in despite the heat.
  • Ice cream? WOOT!

    Ice cream sounds good right now.

    Love the new banner; looks really slick!

  • Broke

    Thanks God the heat broke! Good work running despite the conditions... It will make you stronger... I think...???

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