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I don't really have a better title for this entry.  6.5 days of work until 12 FULL days away from the office.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this. And that's that.

The next two weeks are going to be packed to the gills between work, social events, my bday and getting ready for vacation....oh and that little race next Saturday.

So how's the running? I ran my first true double digit run in a couple months out at Rockefeller Estates.  I absolutely adore running there.  Headed up there with a few friends Sunday morning and conquered the hills for a couple hours.  I managed to drive on 4 hours of sleep...only a couple wrong turns.  Not bad:)  One guy ran his first double digit run ever, not to mention his longest run by probably 5 miles!!  All in all - a good test in endurance as I'll need it in two weeks out in Oregon:) 

Last night was speed up at Riverbank State Park Track once again.  This time it was a ladder type workout....oh boy does that bring memories of high school:-p  With Club Champs so close, I wanted to run this at a decent pace but not something that wouldn't be doable.  I'm still finding my new pace for these races...which in some respects...I'm glad that I haven't settled on something. Anyway, since we were doing 400,600,800,1000,1200, 3 x 200...I decided to try and aim for around 7 minute pace (1:45/400m).  This would be slightly faster than my 5 mile pace but a good test in pacing.  It's very easy to go out too hard. 

Overall, I did my usual number.  It worked out well as Sempre Libera accompanied me for the workout.  We worked off each other and all of our times were within 1-2 seconds of goal pace (with the exception of lap 1 which was a bit too fast).  The 200m intervals at the end I used to work on sprint speed....and I'd say a final 42 second 200m says so:)  I didn't realize I had that much left.

Funny as Sponge mentioned my pacing skills are finally catching up at higher speeds.  I'm able to latch on and keep at it.  I wasn't kidding about 2006 being the year of speed...if the last 4 months of the year are anything like the past 8....oh yes it will be a fun few months:)

Time to catch some zzzzz's....a 12 hour workday = :-(.


Other odds and ends:
While walking the other day, a woman in front of me had the right of way to cross the street (street not an avenue mind you) when all of a sudden an SUV barrels it's way and had the woman in front of me been 6" further, she was roadkill! One of the scariest things I've seen...fortunately she was able to put her hands out and caught the hood of the SUV. The guy in the SUV shakes his head and takes off...nice.

Then there's the NYPD and their latest great idea. I think nyflygirl's post pretty much sums it up...really dumb.

As for the world news front, very scary about the plot that was discovered over in London. Good to know at least they share information over there...the US agencies could learn a thing or two...
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