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Bridges Runner



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So things are feeling good...and moving along.  Then I took a look at my running log for last week: 44.5 miles...yikes! That is not a number I expected to see, nor want to see this year.  Part of the promise I made was this was the year of no marathon...and even with a consistant higher base of mileage, I did not want to hover over 40 mpw.  There's just no reason for it.  Fortunately this week is a taper type week with the race on Saturday and H2C next week (someone pinch me....is it really here?).

Funniest part of the long run yesterday?  Watching two friends try and "eat" the gu....at which point one of them says "it looks like boogers." Oi vey.  I'll stick to my sharkies thanks.

I can take another thing off my list of things to do this summer...movie at Bryant Park!  Only took me almost FOUR summers to make it across the street pretty much:-p

The subways in Queens can be quite a to do on the weekends.  It took me an hour or so to get into Manhattan.  Not an especially pleasant experience.

Oh and good news...my bakery is back in operation after a month's vacation (which means the best brownies and black and white cookies in NYC are back!).

  • now that sorta sounds familiar!!

    i was looking back over my '04 running log. i had remembered after the Manhattan Half, I said I was going to cut mileage since I wasn't doing any more halfs the rest of the year-nope, and i even saw a 46 mile week in there...eek!! (that was the week i was originally supposed to pace 11 miles of the long training run, and wound up feeling good and doing 16 instead.) and i wondered why i got injured...but man, its so easy to get caught up, especially when everyone around you is in marathon mode.

    your bakery is back, my cookie place is back...all is right with the world :)
    • Exactly. You know it's a case of runners are so stubborn we're stupid (well at least I know I am!):-p I'm just glad I got a warning sign before anything else happened. I admit...it is going to be hard in Sept/Oct when everyone is gearing up for the marathon....sort of bittersweet. But I know it's best....and hey I got my own short term goals to go after once the mercury drops....=)

      Oh and update: walking home yesterday I smelled the wonderful smells of baked goodies coming from the bakery! Life is sweet! :-p
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