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I'm a Leo - hear me roar!

Following in the footsteps of others..I give you the highlights of August 18th according to wikipedia!

Some notables that share my day:

And of course the horoscope:

Happy Birthday: Strategy and a driving competitiveness will be the answer to getting what you want. Keeping on top of everything that is going on will bring you the respect and success you desire. This is the year to prove your worth through the actions you take. Your numbers are 6, 11, 25, 36, 40, 47

Funny...I never was that competitive before moving to NY.  I guess it does change you in one way or another...

Off to the beach to rest up (and of course getting my obligatory bakery items!) so I can drag out my ultra competitive self tomorrow morning=)  I think I'll see a few of you out there tomorrow morning, no?

Have I mentioned....FIVE days til I head to the left coast???

My birthday weekend extravaganza goes like this:

  • Boat Basin Thursday evening to let the drinks flow since my actual birthday was the day before a race (would not go over well to party the night before the Team Championships!)

  • Beach Friday for my birthday in NJ. A nice day spent on the beach listening to the waves crash on shore and well...me to eat a lot of sand after wiping out via boogie board.

  • Friday night dinner with friends

  • Back to the curly hair place Saturday after the race so I can look pretty for the last 2 weddings I have this year.

  • Night out for drinks with some of the best friends one could have in NYC

  • A slow 9.5 plod around the park Sunday afternoon

  • Mostly Mozart with Sempre Libera Sunday evening

  • Emack&Bolio to culminate the weekend
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