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Bridges Runner

I'm baaaaaack...

I'm baaaaaack...

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...from my frolicking along the left coast! Updates to come...but what a supercalifraglisticexpialodocious time:)

And yes...I already have a plan for my next vacation:-p

A few photos:

Van 2 at Mt Hood!

Leg  2

The Reservoir Dogs - post H2C

my feet touch the Pacific for the first time!

Heaven in Oregon

Like this needs any introduction...
  • wow! those look great! can't wait to see the rest :)
  • pics

    wow, beautiful pics - especially the sunset! me jealous!
    • Re: pics

      Can't wait to hear the full story! So glad you had such an amazing time.

  • (Anonymous)
    Wow. Cool.

  • (no subject) -
    • Awesome! Sorry I haven't responded...just got back from my trip out west so it's been a whirlwind of a week at work:-p

      H2C was incredible...the scenery was heavenly...I can't wait to go back out west!!!
  • more pictures!!!

    hurry up!!! more pictures!!!! MORE PICTURES!!!!!

    -- coffeepulse
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