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I have hit a bump in the road re: blogging. I was supposed to recap vacation but I lost steam...and actually more accurately...time. So vacation can be recapped like this: slept in a tent my first night in Portland, ate a whole lot of fish, ran on Pre's trail at the University of Oregon, picked enough blueberries for a full year, hiked a bit, winery visitation, saw a little bit of heaven along the Oregon coastline, drove more in a week than I had in probably the past 3 years combined!, touristy in Seattle (Space Needle), fish at the Pike Place Market (including dungeoness crab to take home!)...oh and finished with 2 weddings in Baltimore Labor Day Weekend. Yeah.

So now that I'm caught up with what I did out on the left coast, it's time for the present time period. This weekend I'm hitting my stride for yet another goal race...the Philadelphia Distance Run. I'm hoping to whack some time off that 1/2 marathon PR. I've got a few numbers in mind...but yes I will hold those away from view for now. One of those superstitions. If all goes to plan, Philly will once again treat me well...just like two years ago when I set my 1/2 marry PR which stood until the marathon last year.

Best news of the week thus far? My new pair of shoes came in the mail!! That's my third pair of Mizuno Wave Alchemys for those of you scoring at home.

I took them out for a test run last night. I joined my team's workout to give my legs a little splash of speed but in a half marathon mode. We did 440 yd repeats around the reservoir (pretty close to 400s) keeping my times between 1:50-1:54)...(7:25-7:36). A good sign was the fact that even though I ended up running the workout on my own, I kept that pace. Ahh the joys of being the pacemaster! So now I complete the remainder of my taper with one last run tomorrow...

Philly...here I come!

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