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Bridges Runner

Photos from the PDR

Photos from the PDR

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PDR finish line photo
PDR finish line photo

They got me doing the arms in the air thing...and check out how far back that guy in the grey is! He was even with me in the picture in the last entry which was maybe 100-200 feet earlier:) And these pictures make my legs look rather impressive...cool!

Another angle apparently

  • photos

    Damn, woman, how do you get such great finish-line pictures??

    Congratulations on a tremendous race and fond greetings from your favorite state on the Left Coast. We're off to the Rogue brewery tomorrow. Yippee!!

    • Re: photos

      It's all a product of my secret pre-race routines;-)

      Hope you're having fun out west!
  • Hot legs!

    Hot legs! That's what it's all for! Keep up the great running!

  • (Anonymous)
    Nice Quads.


  • you nerd!!!

    I can't believe you picked your arm up!
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