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Bridges Runner

Mile Long Disappointment + Gretes Great Goof = Great weekend?

Mile Long Disappointment + Gretes Great Goof = Great weekend?

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It's been quite the NYRR racing weekend for me.  First up: the Fifth Avenue Mile whch was just flat out disappointment. 

 Ugh.Oh yes I've been talking the talk about taking down that high school PR...but unfortunately  there was absolutely ZERO walk the walk (or rather run the run).  I ran a disappointing 6:19 according to NYRR (give or take 3 seconds since I wasn't up front). To me, this race is a zillion times harder than a half marathon or 10k or really anything.  I just have tremendous trouble with giving everything I have in one mile.  AB ran a 6:00 flat (sweet!)...and I was with her through the first 1/2 mile but I don't know what happened.  I think I just psyche myself out somewhat....but it just didn't happen.  Whatever.  I'm not a sprinter and never will be.  Give me my distance runs any day of the week and tomorrow.  You can have your mile, 800m and so on...because my little legs hate it! 

Today's agenda was Gretes Great GallopRacing is all relative of course as Gretes was a social, have fun run.  You see, everyone has told me what a fabulous race this is and blah blah blah.  My only memories of this course is the Manhattan half at the end of August which was always a billion degrees + humidity.  So today's forecast: RAIN.  Oi.  Considering I was doing this as a fun run, what the heck was I doing showing up to this in the first place?  Well it gave me 9 NYRR races and a bunch of us planned this as a social group run for TRD. 

Oh but I had no idea what an ordeal it would be to be a part of this race and hence the goof.  Sempre Libera and Pink Monkey had my number as well as AB's.  So we were supposed to meet at a corner on the east side to head over to the park.  I show up and AB is there but no SL or Pink Monkney!  At this point the skies start to open up and I'm beginning to think "why the heck am I doing this?".  At this point AB and I jog over to the start of the race to the 8 minute marker hoping to run into SL and Pink Monkey.  8:20...8:30...nothing and meanwhile the buckets of rain start falling.  AB and I were seriously considering our options if they don't show up!  Finally around 8:35 or so I see SL but she doesn't have our numbers!  It's a minute before the start and still no number/chip!  To add to the confusion, SL and Pink Monkey for whatever reason thought the race started on the west side?!  Finally we hear Pink Monkey screaming for us and waving the numbers franticly.  The race has started at this point and droves of people are going by.  Fortunately, there was no plan of racing but unfortunately we lost the remainder of our teammates to run with.  SL helps me pin my number on and I get my chip on...and finally we're off!  I think I had a good laugh the first half mile or so...as SL mentioned "it was right out of a sitcom!"

The race itself was pacing at its finest.  The plan was to maintain 8:30-8:45 pace.  I had absolutely no intention of racing as I had raced Philly only a couple weeks ago and at this point I'm looking to shift gears back to short races. It was awesome as we had our TRD gear on and seemed to gather a lot of attention.  We also managed to gain a lot of people to pace off of us.  The first couple miles were slow as we had to get past a lot of people.  Once we got past that we shifted into proper pacing as you will see below in the splits.  It's pretty awesome that this used to be a relatively hard run for me...but this whole run was conversational.  No strain whatsoever!

HH and EV joined us for the second lap adding to our TRD red extravaganza (with the obligatory bark to let them know we were coming;-)).  We ended up gaining a random person along the way that asked if our paw print was part of a tribe or something;-)  AB ended up coaching a runner through the last lap of the race.  I ended up talking to a few people including a relatively new Flyer that was training for NYCM.  Almost made us forget about the wet factor...almost.  The entire race felt like I was running with weights in my shoes.  Yuck!

Splitsville for your entertainment (first 2 miles was dodging people and splashing through puddles!):

[1] 9.16 [2] 9.04 [3] 8.38 [4] 8.44 [5] 8.41 [6] 8.39 [7] 8.32 [8] 8.41 [9] 8.42 [10] 8.43 [11] 8.48 [12] 8.38 [13] 8.21 [13.1] 0.58 Total: 1:54:27 (8:44 pace)

Ran into Runner 26 at the finish area.  Talked to her for a brief moment but it was so nasty that I didn't get to chat too much. Sorry! I also had 3 or 4 people come up to me and thank me (as well as my teammates!) for pacing them (I suppose I should help out with the long run pacing next year).  Did get my cream cheese and lox bagel as well as waffle.  Sempre Libera ran into Josh but unfortunately I didn't get to introduce myself.  Oops.

Ran home, showered, changed and then it was off to the Yankees game!  Somehow in that hour it went from downpour city to a beautiful, sunny fall day!  Met coffeepulse and headed up to Yankee Stadium.  Thanks to a friend I had field level seats on the 3rd base side!  Absolutely awesome as I was right on top of the action.  I'm not a Yankees fan but as a baseball fan this was just a breathtaking opportunity.  Well worth the running around:-)  The Yankees ended up losing 7-5 but it didn't matter as the only thing that mattered was whether Derek Jeter would win the batting title (he didn't). 

Ahh postseason baseball is upon us (and yet another year and no Philly presence...blah).  One of these years...one of these years...


  • (Anonymous)
    Don't stress the 5th Ave Mile. You weren't trained for it this time, but that doesn't mean you can't still take down the record sometime in the future when your training allows it.

    I am SO glad none of us were racing Gretes. What a disaster! Haha :-)

    And by the way, I've realized that half the reason I've slacked off on the blog front is 'cause you tell all the stories for me ;-)

    --Sempre Libera.
    • no worries!

      Nah - i think you are doing well. I don't think you should base your performance on one race - it's only one race. I think overall you've been kicking ass! Just look at yourself during speed and your 1/2 marathon time. Eh - it is just a minor glitch and shit happens right?

      Anyway good to see you THURS, FRI and SUN- damn you must be tired of seeing the moz! hahahah - here's a recap:

      - ok so the auction house was a good place for drinks
      -im so glad that we got shots at red sky- i owe you one - actually...i owe you another one - remember?
      -it kinda sucked seeing you and andrea shivering in the rain. wasn't it weird that the rain progressively stopped at the start of the race? It was like a mini-miracle or something?

    • Stress? There's too many other things that involve my stress levels like what I'm dealing with this weekend;)

      Anyway, about damn time you updated! However, I see no mention of Oregon. What is that about? ;-)
  • The mile can be a tough race. I think it's often underestimated--plus, You are so used to running distance (think your recent half marathon PR!)

    Yeah, Grete's was crazy. The rain made it hard to think! I think it's great that you helped pace so many people--I wish I would have been one of them. I think I was close behind your group. Anyway, sounds like a great weekend overall. Very balanced between the drinking, running, and baseball :)

    • Yep, the mile is tough. I enjoy my distance running too much to focus on short races like that I think.

      Gretes was an experience for sure. It's as I said to my friend AB before the race, "If it weren't raining, there would be nothing to make it memorable!" And this was BEFORE the whole number/chip fiasco;-)
  • Should have...

    Nice to 'almost' meet you.... LOL I should have introduced myself.

  • Great photo!

    ...and that yellow hat brings back memories! :-)

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