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By now, many of you are tired of stories from my Philly saga. Or in more specific terms, my exasperation with my family. This marks the 3rd of 4 weekends in Philly. Yes, it has happened again. Yes, I fought tooth and nail to tell them that this is getting completely out of hand.

Last night, after getting up at 5am to go to DC for work, being on my feet all day for site surveying, and then taking the train to Philly I was prepared for another weekend. I had resigned the fact that I would be missing a lot of stuff in NY but sometimes life indeed deals you lemons. I just have gotten a really sour batch of it this year. This is when I got the most sour of all. You see the whole reasoning for this trip is my grandmom's 90th birthday party. My mom was planning it so had asked when to do it. I naturally had said NOT this weekend (if for anything the amount of times in Philly AGAIN). So, fine...my word means crap. I'm used to that by now. However, apparently if you are a member of the 'Y' chromosome the same rules do not apply. How, you may ask?

My brother evidently has a bachelor party tonight and is leaving EARLY from the party. And my parents see NOTHING wrong with this. WTF?! Am I not wrong to feel like this is completely out of line? If I even bring any of this up, I get chewed out for thinking too much about my own agenda.

It makes me sad. I don't want to feel this way but they just keep pushing me. The week and a half I was on vacation was probably the happiest point in my life over the past year. This isn't just because of vacation but also the fact that I was away from the family completely. It just shouldn't feel this way.

I give up.
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