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Bridges Runner

Steamtown Marathon 2007

Steamtown Marathon 2007

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That will be my marathon of choice to try and qualify for Boston 2008.  October 7, 2007...mark it down and I will see you at the finish line!
  • fabulous choice!

    Still my favourite race!! Just be ready for downhills and you'll do fine!
    • Re: fabulous choice!

      hmmm i may be asking you for some pointers as the time gets closer:-)
      • Re: fabulous choice!

        it was a great race, and the emails the RD sends out are fantastic. Everyone I was with PRed.
  • (Anonymous)
    A fast marathon to train for, that's exciting...I might see you there next year!
    Tapering for NY, I can hardly work--my brain is malfunctioning...ah!
    • You think your brain is malfunctioning now? Just wait til the week of;-) Good luck!

      As for 2007, good to see I'm not the only one planning ahead and perhaps I will see you there=)

  • One thing at a time

    Methinks I shall finish one marathon before planning on the next.

  • Good luck!

    At first I thought Philly would be your race of choice...considering you have good luck racing in that city :) But I bet the timing was not optimal...correct? (meaning if all goes well, only a week or 2 of downtime before training again!)
    • Two reasons really:
      1) I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. This way if for some reason things are together for Steamtown, I still could do Philly.
      2) Recovery time. I probably would start training for Boston sometime around January. Ideally I'd like to have a good 3-4 weeks of downtime before starting back up again.
      • (Anonymous)
        As if the course profile had nothing to do with it. HA!


        • eek at the course profile. i think my quads have been scared of downhill courses since the vegas half :-p
  • I love that you are planning ahead! It's the only way to go!

    This might be a dumb question, but couldn't you qualify for Boston in the fall of 07 and run Boston the following year? if you didn't want to run 2 marathons so close together? Just a question.
    But it looks like you want Boston 2008! And I think you certainly did your research.

    Good luck!
    • Yep, I could do Boston 2009 but I have a feeling I'm going to want to do Boston 2008:-)
  • all right!

    Okay, Steamtown it is. all the best in your training. You've got a year...think that's enough time? :)

    Good luck,
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