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Bridges Runner

For all the marbles!

For all the marbles!

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Game 7. 1 game. For all the marbles.  And I will be there!

Let's Go Mets!!!

Update: Cards 3 Mets 1
Incredible atmosphere. I thought the Mets were going to pull it out after Endy Chavez (yeah former Phillie!) made that sensational grab in the 6th inning off the bat of Scott "I deserve more than anyone" Rolen [also an ex-Phillie]. Most disappointing is to end the game with the bases loaded and Beltran not even taking a swing! Absolutely inexcusable in my opinion. For those that are Phillie fans, very Pat Burrell like. All in all - some excellent baseball and TV networks are definitely the big losers with no big market teams in the World Series. That being said, Im throwing my support behind the Tigers. From 100 loss season to the World Series!

Let's Go Tigers!

Oh and I ran into Donald Trump after the game:-p His hair didn't move - AT ALL!

Anyway, a photo at the game:
Photo at Shea

  • grrrr mr. met....
  • Tigers!

    As a native of Detroit I will fully support the Tigers! ROAR!!!!

  • Tigers

    It's always disappointing when a team falls short. The Mets had a great year.

    Thanks for rooting for the Tigers!
  • Let's go...Cardinals!

    As a former Missourian, I feel I'll have to root for the Cards in this one. Sorry, but the Tigers are gonna lose. :)

  • Oh well, as a Padres fan, I should root for the Cards I guess now, but I always like to go with the underdog, and I haven't a clue which team is least likely to win.
  • baseball

    At least I know what sport you're talking about. That's pretty good for me.

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