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On the other side

Well, Sunday marks my favorite day  to be a New Yorker.  The New York City Marathon is here!  For the first time in the 2 years, I have absolutely nothing to do with marathon  madness.  It's a weird feeling, yet satisfying.  I've been able to read about many others journeys the past few months as well as listen first hand.  It's exciting, whether it be for the first timers or the marathon veterans.  This city just packs a buzz that is just getting louder and louder.  So bring it on New York!  And to everyone out there in blog land, kick some a$$ out there!  I'll be out there with the pom poms up in Harlem;-)

Anyway, last night I made it to the expo.  I think one can never have a) too much polyester running clothes and b) running shoes.  Or maybe that's just me.  Yes, I bought another pair of running shoes.  My first pair of light weight trainers for speed/racing (Mizuno Elixir 2)! Zoooooooom!  I also managed to get the newest model which is unavailable until January 2007 (except for at the NYC expo).  I ran into a whole lot of people I know from my running team as well as others in the running community.  I love this sport!

Pasta dinner tonight, leading our group run tomorrow, and report at 4:15am on Sunday.  Yes, we've reached the "what the hell was I thinking" stage:-)  Eh, it's ok though.  I've got some serious cheering to do on Sunday, not to mention serious baking tomorrow.  Hey, I've got to make sure the runners are well fueled at mile 19.  Then, there is the matter of making sure certain cookie monsters get their supply.  I will not mention any names.

So again I send my best wishes to all of you running Sunday and may the marathon gods be on your side! 

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